The Grand Prix in Sätra and Sweden has been hit by something of a stick jump fever following Armand Duplanti's world record in Torun last Saturday. Someone who wanted to take advantage of it was Angelica Bengtsson who today competed in Sätra outside central Stockholm. The 26-year-old went up to 4.63 where she tore for the first time for the evening.

However, Bengtsson would manage in the second attempt and then set the sights on a potential season-best 4.68. The closest competitor Polak, from Greece, had tore out at 4.53 and then only Bengtsson remained in the indoor hall.

The first two attempts at 4.68 looked cautious and were never really close. The third and last was the better. A fine technical jump where Bengtsson touched the bar down the road. For a little while it looked like the bar would stay with the jerk but eventually it fell to Bengtsson on the mat.

- Great fun with good resistance too. "I'm very close to 4.68, but that was enough to give me confidence," Angelica Bengtsson said after the competition.