"Hopefully he goes to the final so that I get a chance at reelection," says the 77-kilo wrestler after the loss in the qualifier against Zotlan Levai, Hungary.

0–1 became 0–3 and 0–4. Then Alex Kessidis suddenly stood in the catacombs of the wrestling arena Pala Pellicone and boiled with anger and disappointment.

-I lost ... My opponent was better than me ... I don't know, I was the step after all the time. He controlled the whole match and I couldn't get hold of him, he says.

- He was good. Hopefully he goes to the final so that I get a chance at re-election.

Although the European Championship started with a clear loss, 24-year-old Kessidis - who was one of the first to be selected for the Swedish Olympic squad - still has a chance at a medal. But then it is necessary that Hungarian Zotlan Levai make his way all the way to Tuesday's final and that the Swede is more successful in a possible re-election.

- It's a great chance. But we'll see, says Kessidis.