Current Swedes: Felix Burestedt, men's single
How he gets to the Olympics: The World Ranking on April 30 decides.

Among the top 16 players, each country has a maximum of two players. In place 17-38, each country may have a maximum of one player.

At the moment Burestedt is 57th on the world rankings, but since there are many players from the same country over him, he is 27th on the "Olympic qualifying list".

Baseball / Softball:

Current Swedes: None


Current Swedes: Damlandslaget
How they get to the Olympics: Two teams move on from each qualifying group. Sweden must therefore quit before Canada or Belgium in the ongoing qualification.

Beach Volleyball:

24 teams (2 players in each team) compete on both the ladies and gentlemen's side in Tokyo.

Current Swedes:

As it looks now, no Swedish couple is ready for games in Tokyo. But there is still a chance to reach an Olympic site on both the ladies and the men's side. You can qualify through world rankings or an Olympic qualification. In the ranking, no Swedish couple are high enough, but in the qualification Sweden is included.

Part 2 of the women's Olympic qualifier will be decided on May 14-17 in Austrian Baden.

Sweden's beach volley ladies have been drawn in a group consisting of Italy, Germany, Slovakia, Norway, Latvia, Ukraine and Austria.

Part 2 of the men's Olympic qualification is decided in Madrid.

Sweden's beach volleyball men were drawn in Group B, consisting of Spain, Norway, Germany, Finland, the Czech Republic, Belarus and Ukraine.

The second phase of the Olympic qualification consists of a total of three teams of eight national teams in each. The top five national teams from each of the qualifying groups qualify for the Continental Cup final, which will be decided in the Netherlands Eindhoven 22-28 June 2020.

If Sweden should get a place through the qualification, it is then up to the federation captains Rasmus and Petter Jonsson, gentlemen and ladies, to pick out who plays for Sweden.

Table tennis:

Clear Swedes: The law of men. Mattias Falck in men's singles. Another Swedish single player that SOK takes out.
Current Swedes: Kristian Karlsson, Truls Möregårdh, Jon Persson.


Current Swedes: Adam Chartoi (75 kg), Liridon Nuha (81 kg), Stephani Thour (57 kg), Agnes Alexiusson (60 kg), Love Holgersson (75 kg).
How to get to the Olympics: There are two chances. First a European qualification in London in March, then a world qualification for those not in Paris in May.


Clear Swedes: Alex Bjurberg Kessidis (77 kg), Henna Johansson (62 kg),
Current Swedes: Jenny Fransson (68 kg), Sofia Mattsson (53 kg), Johanna Lindborg (57 kg), Zakarias Berg (85 kg),
How they get to the Olympics: Two chances are, at a European qualifier in March, where two places are awarded, and a world qualifier in Bulgaria April 30-May 3. Jenny Fransson is currently under investigation for doping.


News for the Olympics: Christine Bjerendal, Ludvig Flink, Lotten Johansson, Isabelle Johansson, Marcus Madsen, Joakim Dvärby.
How they get to the Olympics: Bjerendal is already qualified and only needs to be selected by SOK. For the others, a European qualification awaits May 20-26 and then (possibly) a world qualification June 22-28.


Current Swedes: Emilia Fahlin.
So she goes to the Olympics: Already qualified internationally. Clear signs from SOK remain.


Clear Swedes: Damlandslaget


Clear Swedes: Angelica Bengtsson (stake), Kim Amb (spear), Perseus Karlström (walk), Daniel Ståhl (discus), Armand Duplantis (spear)
Current Swedes: Wictor Pettersson (ball), Melker Svärd Jacobsson (pole), Simon Pettersson (discus), Andreas Kramer (800 meters), Axel Härstedt (discus), Erika Kinsey (high jump), Fabian Delryd (high jump), Fanny Roos ( ball), Fredrik Samuelsson (10th jump), Kalle Berglund (1,500 meters), Khaddi Sagnia (long jump), Lisa Gunnarsson (pole vault), Lovisa Lindh (800 meters), Michaela Meijer (pole vault), Simon Pettersson, Sofie Skoog (high jump = , Thobias Nilsson Montler (long jump), Tilde Johansson (long jump), Meraf Bahta (1500/5000 meters).
How they get to the Olympics: IAAF has qualification limits in all branches. Subsequently, the selected must be taken out by SOK, and should then be judged to have a chance at the top eight, or be taken out on the "future criterion", if it is seen as promising.


No current Swedes.


Current Swedes: Henrik Stenson, Anna Nordqvist, Alexander Norén, Marcus Kinhult, Madelene Sagström, Caroline Hedwall, Pernilla Lindberg.
How they get to the Olympics: The World Ranking on June 22 (men), 29 (ladies) decide. The top 15 on the women's and men's side qualify, with a maximum of four players per nation. Then, the highest ranked player from countries with no more than one player per nation among the top 15 gets a place.


Current Swedes: Jonna Adlerteg, David Rumbutis.
How they get to the Olympics: Both are qualified internationally, but do not have a selection from SOK.


Current Swedes : Men's National Team and Women's National Team.
How they get to the Olympics: The men play a qualifier in Germany April 17-19, against Germany, Slovenia and Algeria. The two main teams in the group qualify for the Olympics.

The ladies qualify in Spain on March 20-22, against Spain, Senegal and Argentina. The two main teams go to the Olympics.


Clear Swedes: Tommy Macias (73 kg), Anna Bernholm (70 kg)
Other current Swedes: Joakim Dvärby (100 kg), Marcus Nyman (90 kg), Robin Pacek (81 kg).
How they get to the Olympics: The top 18 (but only one from each nation) on the world rankings on May 25 go to the Olympics. In addition, the twelve most important ones from Europe (however, max one per nation) who then remain an Olympic place.


Clear Swedes: Linnéa Stensils.
More current Swedes: Erik Holmer (canoe slalom), Martin Nathell, Moa Wikberg, Petter Menning, Isak Öhrström
How they go to the Olympics: Öhrström is already qualified internationally, but not yet selected by SOK. In the "regular" canoe there is a European Olympic qualification in the Czech Republic 6-7 May. After that, the last places at the World Cup in German Duisburg will be distributed on May 23-25.


Current Swedes: Hana Antunovic, Alexandra The Hague
How she gets to the Olympics: The four highest placed on the Olympic razor on April 6 gets an Olympic place, but max one per nation. Thereafter, the others expect a qualifier in Paris May 8-10 where the top three in each weight class reach an Olympic place. Then there are also two places left, which goes to those who succeeded best in the European Games but have not yet reached an Olympic Games.

Field Hockey:

No current Swedes.

Modern pentathlon:

No current Swedes.


Clear Swedes: Teams in dressage, teams in the field competition, teams in jumping. Three Swedes in each branch in which we have a team will compete individually.


Current Swedes: Lovisa Claesson.
How she gets to the Olympics: Three places are at stake at the European qualifying competition in Italy on April 27-29. Then there are two more places to fight at a final qualifying competition in Switzerland on May 17-19. Two more rowers will finally be invited from IOK.


No current Swedes.


Clear Swedes: Jesper Stålheim (laser), Max Salminen (Finn-dinghy) Anton Dahlberg and Fredrik Bergström (470) Josefin Olsson (laser radial).
More current Swedes: Hanna Klinga and Julia Gross (49er FX), Klara Wester and Rebecca Netzler (49er FX).
So they go to the Olympics: European qualification in Genoa April 13-19, 2020 where a team qualifies.


Clear Swedes: Sarah Sjöström, Erik Persson, Louise Hansson.
More current Swedes: Isak Eliasson, Michelle Coleman, Robin Hansson, Sophie Hansson, Victor Johansson.
How they get to the Olympics: The International Swimming Association has qualification limits in all branches, which can be found here. However, each nation may have a maximum of two swimmers at a distance. In addition, SOK must take out the sports.

Skateboard :

Current Swedes: Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg, Kalle Berglind.
How they get to the Olympics: The three highest placed in the World Cup in China on May 25-31 take an Olympic place. Thereafter, they take the best place on the Olympic rankings on June 1 (though a maximum of 3 from one country) until there are a total of 16 athletes. All five continents are guaranteed a place.


Clear Swedes: Stefan Nilsson (skeet)
More current Swedes: Marcus Madsen (air rifle), Marcus Svensson (skeet), Lotten Johansson (air rifle), Victoria Larsson (skeet).
How they get to the Olympics: First, Olympic venues can be taken at the European Championships in the spring. Subsequently, places will be awarded based on the world ranking on 31 May.

Sport Climbing:

Current Swedes: Hannes Puman.
How he gets to the Olympics: A place is at stake at the European Championships in March. In addition, another climber will receive an invitation later.


At the World Surfing Games in May, the four best men and the six best ladies will receive an Olympic place. The likelihood that any Swede will reach these places is currently small.


No current Swedes. Nikita Glasnovic, who competed for Sweden in the 2016 Olympics, now represents Croatia.


Current Swedes: Gabriel Sandör.
So he gets to the Olympics: It takes a lot, but with a really good spring season he could possibly get up to the rankings. The Olympic ranking on May 11 determines. The 26 front ones take an Olympic place (with a maximum of three from the same nation).


Current Swedes: Patricia Strenius.
How she gets to the Olympics: She is so far not qualified but is well placed in the complicated qualification process that exists. Right now she is nine on the world list. Eight pieces will be given a direct place, but six more lifters will receive an Olympic place, five of them via a so-called continental selection, which is also based on results from many different competitions. Strenius has a good chance but must perform really well in the near future to qualify and then convince SOK that she should have a place.


No current Swedish law.