All four teams in the Olympic qualifiers in basketball had accepted a local organization's invitation to pick up rubbish at the beach in the Belgian host city Ostend.

"I found a butter box, some bag and some old bottle," says Amanda Zahui, who appreciated the initiative in the fine weather.

- It was good. Nice to give something back to nature and disconnect everything else.

During training earlier in the day, Zahui shot after shot against the basket. Yesterday she missed six of her first seven shots and although it was 12 points in the end, Sweden needs a better Zahui than yesterday. And the Swedish big star pushed to find the feeling again.

- The basketball court is my peace and quiet so getting rid of the frustration and getting back in one with the ball and the baskets, it was important.

Tomorrow, Canada is waiting as Zahui knows well. She has met their center in the WNBA for several years and knows what to expect.

- It will be a physical match. They are also witty but not like Japan, now there will be more contact and we will try to control that game, Zahui says.