The indoor World Cup in China had ended an unusually long indoor season for Montler.

- It is something that is in my competition planning and something that I have invested in. It has a great impact on the fact that the indoor season had been considerably longer with an indoor World Cup. We have planned to be up until mid-March and some more. Now we will have to make a decision about having to change this with training and camps, ”says Montler.

Montler started the season nicely in Malmö on Sunday with a jump that measured the entire 8.10 meters.

- It would have been my first indoor World Cup, so it is clear that it is sad that it will not be lost.

- It feels good that they make a decision so early that you can change the placement. Obviously it feels safe to make such a decision, but at the same time it is very sad that it will not be lost.

CLIP: Montler over eight meters in the season debut

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Thobias Montler struck at 8.10 straight in the season debut Photo: TT News Agency / Archive