A few weeks ago, Stina Nilsson broke the Tour de Ski and after an X-ray it was clear that she has a stress fracture in the rib - which would mean at least six weeks of absence.

When Stina Nilsson showed up at the Sports Gala on Monday, and received the award for Team of the Year, she told me more about the current situation.

- I will continue to do what I can to heal, so it will take the time it takes.

In TV4's Morning Studio, Stina Nilsson tells us that she has gone through half the phase of "relieving her upper body in six weeks".

She still considers herself to handle the situation well.

- I am a person who must have a goal to focus on that is the most important thing in my life right then. Most often it is skiing but now I have thought about what makes me happy besides skiing, and I have put all the powder on it and feel satisfied when I go to bed at night, she tells TV4.

"Avoid walking"

However, Stina Nilsson believes that she has no prognosis.

- I see that the season could be over, but I also see that it could not be. It all depends on how I handle the next few weeks. My goal is to be able to compete.

That she can't compete right now, however, opened another door - Nilsson could take the opportunity to attend the Sports Gala.

- In normal cases you might avoid going because it is so crunchy in our season, she tells SVT Sport.

Stina Nilsson was nominated for Female Athlete of the Year, Performance of the Year, Team of the Year and was the final candidate for the Jerring Prize. However, there were no individual prices for the 26-year-old.

- It has been a fantastic sporting year. Even being nominated is very nice, she says.

ARCHIVE: Stina Nilsson: "Does not want to compete half injured again" (7 January 2020)

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Stina Nilsson tells SVT about the new injury. Photo: Photo Agency