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Ozeki Goeido continues to retire and cannot take the original sumo


Goeido Ozeki, a sumo wrestler who has been determined to retire, has retired from active duty on the 28th, and will be named “Takekuma”, who will be instructing to move into the future.

Ozeki Goeido continues to retire and cannot get the original sumo wrestling

Goeido Ozeki, a sumo wrestler who has decided to retire, has retired from active duty on the 28th.

Goeido is a 33-year-old from Neyagawa, Osaka.

Introduced to the Sakaigawa room from Saitama Sakae High School, hitting low and summoning steadily before going up, and was promoted to Ozeki after the place in Nagoya in 2014.

He won his first victory in the autumn of 2016, but recently his injuries continued and he did not get the original sumo wrestling.

In the first place of the month, celebrating his ninth turn, he lost 5-5, losing a lot, and was determined to fall to Sekiwaki from Ozeki, who served 33 places, the tenth place in history.

Goeido had communicated his intention to retire to the Japan Sumo Wrestling Association through his teacher, Master Sakaikawa, by the 27th, but the Sumo Association approved the retirement of Goeido and the inauguration of the elderly "Takekuma" on the 28th.

Go-Eido will be instructing the future as a master.

Goeido's overall record was 696 wins, 493 losses, 66 holidays, and in the Makuhari, 587 wins, 442 losses, 66 holidays.

Junior high school teacher "Thank you for your long term"

Norio Sakai, a principal of Meiji Elementary School at Neyagawa Municipal School, who was in charge of his third grade in junior high school, retired from active duty. I was sorry because I was expecting to aim for it. I was a good athletic child in junior high school and I was good at whatever I did. I want to tell you that you have been tired for a long time. "

Supporter's Board Chairman "Deterred but determined"

Mr. Hiroshi Kubo, the chairman of the Goeido supporters' association, was told by the person himself that he would retire from active duty after Goeido lost in the first place.

Mr. Kubo said, "I have long said that I will quit if I fall in Ozeki. When I was told to retire, I said," I can not get my own sumo, I can not show a buzz sumo. " I stopped trying to do my best to the spring place in Osaka, but returned with a message saying "I'm really sorry" and thought that my determination was strong. I must stick to my body], but the first place was suffering from injuries, and I thought it was the limit. "

As for his personality, he said, "I was really serious, I picked up my car in the spring, but I didn't talk at all until I arrived at the venue. I spent everything in just a few seconds."

One of my most memorable moments was the work with Koto Shogiku in Nagoya in 2014, where I decided to be promoted to Ozeki, saying, "I've been a long time since I became Sekiwaki, and I finally realized that my dream has come true. I was really happy." I was moistening my eyes.

He said, "In my active life, I was able to meet the demands of Osaka's tough fans. I would like to raise a wrestler who is from Osaka, if possible, like Goeido. I am not married yet. So I'm looking forward to getting married. "

Source: nhk

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