One of the Egyptian courts issued a ruling that acquitted Hamada Al-Sayed, the local soccer Premier League player, from the charge of joining the Islamic State, known as ISIS.

Today, the Fifth Circuit of the Courts devoted to terrorism cases issued a verdict of acquittal of the master and 5 others, while she spent various years in prison and reached life imprisonment for 36 persons accused of the case.

The 38-year-old, who played a defender for more than a decade in the Egyptian Premier League with the Arab Contractors Club and Zamil Liverpool star Mohamed Salah, and then moved to the Aswan team in 2013, was charged among 42 people with joining ISIS and receiving military, security and technical training, the court acquitted six of them.

A former fellow player, who declined to be named, expressed to Al-Jazeera Net his happiness of the innocence of the master, stressing that the player was a moral and religious commitment inside and outside the stadium, and his long beard and commitment may be the reason for his involvement in this disgraceful case of his history as a distinguished player.