Touré countered in-extremis by the Bordelais. - Sebastien SALOM-GOMIS / AFP

  • FC Nantes lost (0-1) against Bordeaux this Sunday at La Beaujoire, after a completely missed match.
  • A tribute to Emiliano Sala, who died a year ago, was organized before the meeting.
  • FC Nantes prepares to face Rennes then Paris with a defense completely decimated.

From above, striker Emiliano Sala must have railed and even been ashamed. FC Nantes did not frame a single strike on Sunday against Bordeaux and this had not happened since April 16, 2017, already against the Girondins. Difficult in this case to claim victory. The Canaries therefore ended up losing (0-1) the meeting in tribute to their Argentinian, who left a year ago.

The show was in the stands, mediocrity on the lawn. Songs, papelitos, tifos, minutes of applause ... Nantes supporters have successfully paid their tribute to Sala. “It was a very moving pre-match, admits the midfielder and captain Abdoulaye Touré. A year later, it's still just as painful… ”

An overflow of emotion?

Was the overflow of emotion able to seal at least the start of the match for Nantes? "It cuts your legs a little ...", Touré always confesses. "It breaks the mood," said Nantes coach Christian Gourcuff. It may be an explanation at the start of the bland match, quite sad, but we are not going to look for explanations at this level because our start to the match, there were mainly technical shortcomings ... "That the Canaries didn’t have never managed to erase over the encounter. To the point of wondering if they did not have their worst game of the season. "It's one of the worst, yes," said Imran Louza, who is definitely more comfortable in a more remote midfielder role.

The second red does not explain everything

The second yellow (synonymous with red), "aberrant", according to Gourcuff, finished plunging in the second period a Nantes team already out of solutions and ideas. Khrin, central defender of fortune, thus found himself with the young Basila in the axis. "We were unlucky with the red card," repeated Ludovic Blas, short of arguments in front of the microphones. Renaud Emond, who has run a lot in the vacuum, lucidly preferred to remember "the lack of mobility" and the abuse "of long balloons" and recognized that his training was "downright" missed his appointment you Sunday.

In the ranking, Nantes only lost two places (6th). Nothing worrying obviously for the men of Christian Gourcuff. What is nevertheless worrying for the Canaries, is the program to come and especially the workforce which is shrinking like a panic. To the absences for injury of Pallois, Wague and Coulibaly, we must add the suspension of Girotto and the injury (not serious?) Of Touré a few days before a trip to Rennes and before the reception of Paris. "It's so tight, if we lose, we know we can quickly come back down," recognizes Louza. Or find a place in the soft belly more in line with its true value perhaps?


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