Sunday, four duels are scheduled in the Eredivisie: Vitesse-FC Emmen (1-1), FC Groningen-Ajax (2-1), Willem II-PEC Zwolle (0-0) and PSV-FC Twente (1-1 ). In this live blog we will keep you informed of all events.

Good afternoon and welcome to our Eredivisie liveblog! My name is Rob Hirschmann and I will keep you informed of the developments in the competitions in the coming hours.

  • Results:
  • Vitesse-Emmen 1-1
  • Willem II-PEC 0-0
  • FC Groningen-Ajax 2-1
  • PSV FC Twente 1-1

PSV-FC Twente · 3 minutes ago

Thanks to this sublime bang by Haris Vuckic, FC Twente has a point left over from meeting PSV. The Tukkers celebrate it as a bonus point in the fight against relegation.

PSV-FC Twente · 6 minutes ago

A whistling flute concert descends on PSV players after the lost victory against FC Twente (1-1). Two days after the cup defeat against NAC Breda (2-0), PSV did not win in the Eredivisie for the second time in a row.

PSV-FC Twente · 8 minutes ago

PSV loses FC Twente victory after red Afellay
In the absence of the attacker Steven Bergwijn, who almost left for Tottenham Hotspur, PSV loses points at home against FC Twente. The team of trainer Ernest Faber has to settle for a 1-1 draw. The team from Eindhoven lead for a long time with 1-0, but a red card for captain Ibrahim Afellay fifteen minutes before time, FC Twente smells blood. Thanks to a wonderful hit by substitute Haris Vuckic, the Tukkers come alongside three minutes before time.

PSV-FC Twente · 11 minutes ago

90 + 1 'A dot of a chance for PSV in the breakout after a deflected corner kick from Twente. Doan shoots in the far corner, Drommel barely saves.

PSV-FC Twente · 12 minutes ago

90 'The minimum extra playing time in the second half is four minutes.

PSV-FC Twente · 16 minutes ago

87 'GOAL FC Twente! 1-1

What a gem of a goal from Haris Vuckic! The substitute of FC Twente shoots the ball through the bottom of the bar against the ropes. The red card from Ibrahim Afellay PSV will be very expensive.

PSV-FC Twente · 20 minutes ago

82 ' Third substitution at PSV: Cody Gakpo moves to the side and is replaced by Érick Gutiérrez.

PSV-FC Twente · 21 minutes ago

81 'PSV withdraws en masse in its own half to win the 1-0. The word now goes to FC Twente, which has an excellent opportunity against ten of PSV to hijack at least one point from Eindhoven.

PSV-FC Twente · 23 minutes ago

79 ' Second substitution at PSV: Bruma is thanked for rendered services and must hand over the baton to Ritsu Doan.

PSV-FC Twente · 28 minutes ago

75 ' Red card for PSV! Ibrahim Afellay can leave after a hard charge at the address of Oriol Busquets. The PSV captain came in with a straight leg, hit the ball first, but referee Siemen Mulder thought it was enough for Afellay's second yellow card. PSV have to pull the 1-0 over with ten men. Afellay misses the away match against Ajax anyway.

PSV-FC Twente · 28 minutes ago

74 'PSV allows a revival of FC Twente and falls back anxiously. Selahi is given room to play, and does that very nicely, but not effectively: just next to and over.

PSV-FC Twente · 29 minutes ago

73 'Lars Unnerstall prevents the equalizer from FC Twente here. After a nice pass from the midfielder, Zekhnini approaches the German goalkeeper alone and produces a blender that makes Unnerstall harmless with a fist. Should FC Twente have scored here, the VAR would have put a line through the 1-1, because Zekhnini was offside at the time of play.

PSV-FC Twente · 30 minutes ago

No euphoria or joy, but a grim look at Denzel Dumfries after his opening goal against FC Twente.

PSV-FC Twente · 32 minutes ago

Euphoric PSV players go to Denzel Dumfries, the right-wing defender who after more than an hour of playing finally breaks the spell for PSV in the home match against FC Twente.

PSV-FC Twente · 34 minutes ago

68 'The game suddenly waves up and down in the Philips Stadium. FC Twente breaks through through substitute Rafik Zekhnini, but the Norwegian attacker's shot lacks a lot of power and direction.

PSV-FC Twente · 35 minutes ago

67 'Kostas Mitroglou has an imposed chance to double the score for PSV, but the Greek striker shoots five meters into the body of FC Twente goalkeeper Joël Drommel. The rebound is also not spent on him, because he gets the ball against his arm.

PSV-FC Twente · 36 minutes ago

66 'Noa Lang sends a nice cross from the left side of FC Twente, but Peet Bijen does not touch the ball with his head. That was a nice opportunity for the visitors, who are getting started for the first time.

PSV-FC Twente · 38 minutes ago

Especially at Cody Gakpo the opening goal of Denzel Dumfries will provide relief. The twenty-year-old attacker decided shortly after the break in a very promising situation to shoot himself instead of throwing the ball on Sam Lammers, who had the ball for typing.

PSV-FC Twente · 42 minutes ago

61 'GOAL PSV! 1-0

PSV finally breaks the spell against FC Twente. Joël Drommel is unable to control Ibrahim Afellay's long shot and then Denzel Dumfries is a piece of cake to work in the rebound.

PSV-FC Twente · one hour ago

56 'PSV claims a penalty when Mohammed Ihattaren is thrown to the ground by Julio Pleguezuelo, but referee Siemen Mulder rightly sees nothing.

PSV-FC Twente · one hour ago

55 ' First substitution at PSV: Sam Lammers is through it and has to leave. Kostas Mitroglou comes under the guidance of a flute concert.

PSV-FC Twente · one hour ago

53 'PSV is clearly not in a good position, as Mohammed Ihattaren now gets the full low if he does not throw the ball into a promising position.

PSV-FC Twente · one hour ago

52 'Jorrit Hendrix shows himself here as a warrior who wants to win at all costs, because with a sublime sliding he prevents Aitor Cantalapiedra's shot from going to Unnerstall's goal.

PSV-FC Twente · one hour ago

49 'Cody Gakpo, anyway. The young PSV striker has plenty of space and has to give the ball to Sam Lammers, who is completely free, but Gakpo shoots himself. The attempt sails beside. Lammers scolds Gakpo completely rotten.

PSV-FC Twente · one hour ago

48 'For the first time this match, FC Twente is putting a smooth attack on the mat, but the Tukkers are unable to attack the Eindhoven goal. Is this the starting signal for a Twente attack wave?

PSV-FC Twente · one hour ago

Kickoff! The ball rolls again in the Philips Stadium. Can PSV demolish the FC Twente wall in the second half?

PSV-FC Twente · one hour ago

Siemen Mulder shows his yellow and red cards to the camera lens in the catacombs of the Philips Stadium. In short: the arbitrator can sprinkle cards to your heart's content.

PSV-FC Twente · one hour ago

PSV dominates in the home match against FC Twente (0-0), but is not yet effective for the goal, the statistics of the first half also show:

PSV-FC Twente:
Ball possession: 65% -35%
Goal attempts: 9-2
Shots on goal: 2-0
Violations: 2-8

PSV-FC Twente · one hour ago

Peace! Without Steven Bergwijn in the game selection, but with Ibrahim Afellay in the base, PSV dominates the first half against FC Twente, but the team of coach Ernest Faber does not know how to demolish the Twente wall, despite opportunities for Mohamed Ihattaren. The Tukkers make a weak impression and for the time being do nothing but hold back.

PSV-FC Twente · one hour ago

43 'Bruma dribbles, threatens and lurks and finally pulls the trigger, but the attempt is powerless and a simple prey for FC Twente goalkeeper Joël Drommel.

PSV-FC Twente · one hour ago

38 'PSV is coming a long way, but the finish is rather poor. Denzel Dumfries finds a pass from PSV's right wing Bruma, but the Portuguese attacker does not get the ball under control.

PSV-FC Twente · one hour ago

PSV combines joyfully and puts FC Twente with its back to the wall, but the Eindhoven people are not yet able to demolish the Twente resistance. Also Mohamed Ihattaren, pictured here, is unable to dance through the defense.

PSV-FC Twente · one hour ago

30 'A ridiculous scene in the Philips Stadium. Referee Siemen Mulder wants to draw a yellow card for FC Twente midfielder Selahi for a hard sliding on Afellay, but he has none in his back pocket. Mulder walks to the side to borrow a copy of the fourth official.

PSV-FC Twente · one hour ago

With these banners, some of PSV's fanatical supporters express their dissatisfaction with the policies of directors Toon Gerbrands (general) and John de Jong (technical). PSV has already been eliminated in Europe this season, the title race and the KNVB cup.

PSV-FC Twente · 2 hours ago

27 'Ibrahim Afellay is applying for the first time at PSV. The captain takes the FC Twente goal under fire, but keeper Joël Drommel is in the right place and can easily grab the ball in his hands.

PSV-FC Twente · 2 hours ago

23 'There is the first big chance for FC Twente. Jesse Bosch gets some space to pull out and also pulls the trigger. His shot misses direction: high over.

PSV-FC Twente · 2 hours ago

21 'Part of the fanatic supporters of PSV shows banners with critical texts at the address of directors Toon Gerbrands and John de Jong. "Show balls, not books", it says. And: "John, we're done, get your things."

PSV-FC Twente · 2 hours ago

18 'PSV turns on and it is waiting for an Eindhoven goal. Bruma lays the ball ready for Denzel Dumfries, who doesn't hit him well and shoots high over the goal of FC Twente.

PSV-FC Twente · 2 hours ago

The proportions of the first fifteen minutes in the Philips Stadium illustrated in one photo: Denzel Dumfries steams up and sends a pass forward, while Jesse Bosch of FC Twente is late.

PSV-FC Twente · 2 hours ago

10 'PSV is almost right there. Mohamed Ihattaren appears in the penalty area of ​​FC Twente and pushes the ball with his left hand just in front. The people of Eindhoven get off to a good start.

Groningen-Ajax · 2 hours ago

Ten Hag: "As we end, we should have started"
Ajax coach Erik ten Hag is unhappy about the level of the team from Amsterdam in the match against FC Groningen. "We played a very poor first half. There was too little pace and we were not in the right position," concludes Ten Hag opposite FOX Sports . "The points have had the right effect, but then you are already 2-0 behind. As we end the game, we should have started it."

PSV-FC Twente · 2 hours ago

7 'The intentions of PSV are clear in the initial phase: the people of Eindhoven want to dominate and attack against FC Twente, which anxiously plunges into the trenches and lurks for a quick outbreak with three quick attackers at the front.

PSV-FC Twente · 2 hours ago

Kickoff! Sam Lammers did the kickoff. PSV-FC Twente has started.

PSV-FC Twente · 2 hours ago

The players of PSV and FC Twente enter the Philips Stadium in Eindhoven. How does trainer Ernest Faber's team emerge after attacker Steven Bergwijn's transfer request, and more importantly: last Thursday's cup match against NAC (2-0)?

FC Groningen-Ajax · 2 hours ago

Tadic: "Injuries should not be an excuse"
"This was not good. We have a lot of experience in the team and have to look in the mirror", Ajax leader Dusan Tadic at FOX Sports is guilty after the 2-1 loss at FC Groningen. The striker did not want to mention the injuries of Daley Blind, André Onana, Hakim Ziyech and David Neres as the reason for the defeat. "We have many injuries indeed, but now the other players have to take the chances. We are Ajax, the biggest club in the country. It cannot be an excuse. We have to play better."

PSV-FC Twente · 2 hours ago

At PSV it is currently not about football because of the unrest in the management and the approaching transfer from Steven Bergwijn to Tottenham Hotspur. Yet for the home game against FC Twente a striking fact to mention. Ibrahim Afellay is for the first time since 2010 in the basic line-up of the Eindhoven team. 33-year-old Utrechter is wearing the captain's armband.

Groningen-Ajax · 2 hours ago

Te Wierik: "Basis for victory in first half"
Mike Te Wierik is proud of his team after the 2-1 win over the leader. "Our first half was good" he tells FOX Sports . "In the second half you see that Ajax just has a good team, with us the forces flowed away. Great that the equalizer did not fall. We have laid the foundation for the victory in the first half."

Groningen-Ajax · 2 hours ago

Ajax sees ahead of AZ shrink after defeat in Groningen
The difference between Ajax and AZ is again three points. The team from Amsterdam lose 2-1 in Groningen. The team from Amsterdam play a particularly mediocre match and only gets going after FC Groningen comes in 2-0 through goals from Kaj Sierhuis and Ramon Lundqvist. Donny van de Beek brings the tension back twenty minutes before the end of the game, but in the end it is not enough.

Groningen-Ajax · 2 hours ago

Past! Groningen wins Ajax 2-1!

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