Swimming Men's 400m Individual Medley Seto Wins Record Close to Japanese Record Jan 25 20:04

In a 400-meter individual medley at a domestic tournament where top swimmers participated, Daiya Seto won a good time approaching Japan's record of Kosuke Hagino who won a gold medal at the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games to 4/100 seconds. .

On the second day of the “Kitashima Kosuke Cup” held at Tokyo Tatsumi International Swimming Center, Daiya Seto participated in a 400-meter individual medley aiming for a gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics.

Seto, who set a new record in Japan with a 200-meter butterfly last week, passed the qualifying at the top with the aim of renewing his personal best in this event, which has been decided as the Olympic representative.

At the end of the race, he swam ahead with a butterfly who was good at swimming first, and swam at a pace faster than Hagino's Japanese record until he turned the last 50 meters in the last freestyle and won.

The time was 4/100 seconds short of the Japanese record, but it marked a good time of 4: 6: 09 and updated his personal best time last June to nearly 2 seconds.

After finishing the game, Seto smiled bitterly, saying that he did not reach the Japanese record slightly, `` I was aiming for the record secretly, but I did not think I would go this far, '' At this time, I'm very confident in this time. I won't betray my practice, so if I can work hard for the next six months, I can achieve my dream. "

Hagino, who was planning to compete in the same event, also abstained from the qualifying race due to poor physical condition.

On the other hand, Yui Ohashi won the women's 400m individual medley final at 4: 34.94, four seconds slower than his Japanese record.

Ryosuke Irie, a silver medalist at the London Olympic Games on his 30th birthday on the 24th, won the 200m backstroke final with a time of 1: 55.35.

Hagino abstains due to poor physical condition

Kosuke Hagino had entered a 400-metre individual medley in the men's specialty who won the gold medal at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, but abstained from qualifying on the morning of the 25th.

Hagino was in the men's 200m freestyle on the 24th, finishing 10th in the finals, about 7 seconds behind his personal best, and his coach Hakumasa Hirai said, "The condition did not rise. I didn't swim as expected in the race on the 24th. I wasn't feeling well, so I decided to miss it because I was thinking ahead. "

Hagino retired last year because of a malfunction, but returned to the competition with the aim of the Tokyo Olympics, and was practicing well over the year-end and New Year holidays.

However, there was a period in which I could not practice for about a week due to illness in the middle of this month, and the condition did not rise even after entering this tournament.

Coach Hirai said, “I thought that there should be no missing parts in the process of strengthening, considering the blank, so the prospect is that it has a“ yellow traffic light. ”I will do my best anyway from now on I told them I had to go. "