Spain had to grit his teeth and fight, but on Sunday he will fight for the men's water polo title in the Hungarian European. The selection led by David Martín was finally imposed on a Croatia that succumbed to the stops of Dani López Pinedo, the arm of Alberto Munárriz, author of three goals, and two of Álvaro Granados, the most effective in an attack where Miguel also appeared de Toro, Adrià Delgado, Felipe Perrone and Roger Tahull.

The goalkeepers, Dani López Pinedo and Marko Bijak, were the main protagonists of a first quarter in which both defenses were extremely fierce. Only Marko Macan was able to beat the Spanish archer. Under the other sticks, Bijak signed great interventions before an attack without aim during those eight minutes.

Things changed diametrically in the second quarter. Spain found a way to beat a Bijak whose performance declined several integers. As much as it cost him to take advantage of his superiorities, David Martín's team signed a partial of 4-3. Álvaro Granados, with a pitch that was slightly deflected by a defender, opened the way. Miguel de Toro, in a good action against the goalkeeper, Alberto Muniárriz and Adrià Delgado, these last two threatening and exhausting Bijak, seconded him.

Tremendous equality

Croatia, however, took advantage of its greater effectiveness in superiority to match the score again and again as soon as Spain managed to get ahead, after Andro Buslje placed 1-2. Bukic, with a pitch he played in Miguel de Toro, and Loncar would be in charge of scoring for 4-4 before starting a third quarter in which, again, equality would be imposed.

Spain, again, was able to take the initiative up to two times, through a powerful remote launch by Alberto Munárriz and another by Felipe Perrone. López Pinedo managed to thwart the first attack with a good stop, but nothing could be done to prevent Lovre Milos and Luka Bukic from raising 5-5 and 6-6. The hypothetical Spanish physical superiority seemed to be of little use.

Montenegro or Hungary

The defense, again iron in the last quarter, and the greater effectiveness of Spain when it comes to looking for firing solutions was absolutely decisive to boost the team that trains David Martin to a maximum difference (9-7) at the crucial moment .

Álvaro Granados, Roger Tahull and, again, Alberto Munárriz were responsible for materializing a few that, added to another great stop by Dani López Pinedo, sentenced the pass to the final. It did not matter that Maro Jokovic matched again momentarily with a shot stuck to the stick or that Ante Vukicevik narrowed things down at sunset. On Sunday (7:00 p.m.), the national team will fight for gold against Montenegro or Hungary.

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