Ligue 2, 21st day: Châteauroux and Niort leave back to back (1-1) - 20 Minutes

On this 21st day of Ligue 2, Châteauroux met Niort at the Gaston-Petit stadium. 1 to 1, this is the score between the two teams at the end of the game. The starting 11 castelroussin of Usaï played in usual 4-3-3 and that of Passi played in balanced 4-2-3-1 with Sissoko in point.

The Niortais started the first half by hitting hard, with the goal of Jacob (on a pass from Koyalipou) from the 11th. Finally, from the 45th and on penalty, Grange scored the last goal of the match. The second half went without further conclusive action.

The warnings fell repeatedly. Sanganté, Doukansy, Jacob and Alhadhur received a warning.

Despite the result, Châteauroux managed to control the ball (58% of possession) but lacked realism in front of the goal.

The draw allows Châteauroux to take 15th position in the standings after this 21st day. Niort remains in 18th position, ahead of Le Mans.

Châteauroux and Niort: the next matches

Châteauroux will play against AC Ajaccio at the François-Coty stadium on January 31 at 8 p.m. for the next day. Paris FC will face Niort the same day at exactly the same time, at the René-Gaillard stadium.

Follow us with all the news of Ligue 2 and the classification of Ligue 2 during the season. The results of Ligue 2 are available at the end of the matches.

The meeting in brief

Châteauroux - Niort: 1-1 (1-1 at half time)

In Châteauroux (Gaston-Petit stadium), January 24, kick-off at 8 p.m.

Niort coach: Franck Passi

Composition of Niort: Quentin Braat (30), Guy-Marcelin Kilama (25), Julien Dacosta (23), Matthieu Sans (5), Florian Lapis (3), Antoine Leautey (12) (then Brahima Doukansy at the 47th), Valentin Jacob (10), Olivier Kemen (8), Dylan Louiserre (6) (then Yacine Bourhane at the 79th), Goduine Koyalipou (18) (then Zoumana Koné at the 71st), Ibrahim Sissoko (9)

Coach of Châteauroux: Nicolas Usaï

Composition of Châteauroux: Julien Fabri (1), Chaker Alhadhur (24), Christopher Operi (21), Sékou Condé (5), Yannick Joseph M'Bone (3), Opa Sanganté (19), Serigne Fallou Niang (18) ( then Philippe Paulin Keny at the 67th), Romain Grange (15), Valentin Vanbaleghem (8), Ilyas Chouaref (25), Alexis Goncalves Pereira (14) (then Cheick Fantamady Diarra at the 83rd)

Goals: Jacob (11th), Barn (45th sp)

Warnings: Alhadhur (61st), Sanganté (89th) for Châteauroux, Jacob (12th and 39th), Doukansy (54th) for Niort

Players kicked out: Jacob pour Niort

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