Nicolas Batum gave advice to young people with disabilities this Thursday at the AccorHoetls Arena in Paris. The basketball player did that with pleasure. - T; Gagnepain / 20 Minutes

  • It is now certain: the NBA will return in January 2021 to Paris. The head of the North American league announced Thursday.
  • What will be the poster? Nothing has been revealed yet.
  • Will French people still be on the ground, like Nicolas Batum this year? The Charlotte Hornets player hopes well and pleads for Gobert's Jazz or Fournier's Magic.

" We will come back. We will replay next year in January. NBA boss Adam Silver ended the (false) suspense on Thursday afternoon. A new regular season game for the American Grand League will take place in Paris. That of this Friday evening, between the Charlotte Hornets and the Milwaukee Bucks, will therefore not be a one shoot.

Who will be the next lucky ones? “We don't know yet with which teams. We are already talking to several of them. We already have too many candidates! Replied Silver, who knows that having a French player in a franchise would be an asset. It is not Nicolas Batum who will say the opposite.

"I hope there will be French players on the field each time"

On the floor of the AccorHotels Arena this Thursday afternoon, the wingman was at the center of all attention. To translate instructions for young people with disabilities who have had the right to special training, to take photos, talk about France, respond to the media…

Nicolas Batum gives some advice to young people on the eve of #NBAParisGame at #paris

- Thibaut Gagnepain (@TGagnepain) January 23, 2020

“It is special to be here. Since we arrived, I feel that there is an excitement that I have rarely known in France, even with the Blues, "admitted n ° 5 of the Hornets. "I learned earlier that there would be another game next year, it's a very good thing that it becomes frequent and annual. I hope there will be French players on the field each time. It would be nice if Evan (Fournier) had his match, Rudy (Gobert) also came, etc. It is a good thing for the public and French basketball. "

Adam Silver has yet to reveal anything about the next poster at all. But he gave clues. “Many teams would like to play. There is an advantage for those of the Eastern conference because the journey is easier. We never had to force the teams because we have a lot of volunteers, ”he said, more or less ruling out the western teams. Like Gobert's Jazz or Fournier's Magic. For the moment…


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