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De Jong shoots Ajax in the lead against Spakenburg


In the TOTO KNVB-cup three duels are scheduled on Wednesday evening and in this live blog we will keep you informed of all events.

In the TOTO KNVB-cup three duels are scheduled on Wednesday evening and in this live blog we will keep you informed of all events.

Good evening and welcome to the live blog about the TOTO KNVB Cup tournament. My name is Jeroen Bijma and I will keep you informed about the games scheduled for tonight in the eighth finals.

Intermediate positions:

  • Ajax-Spakenburg 1-0
  • sc Heerenveen-Willem II 0-1

Final position:
  • Heracles Almelo-Vitesse 0-2

KNVB cup · one minute ago

De Jong has a thumb for Eiting after his goal against Spakenburg.

KNVB cup · 3 minutes ago

20 'Tadic must also immediately put Ajax on 2-0 against Spakenburg, but he shoots on goal from Marin up close to goalkeeper Deckers.

KNVB cup · 7 minutes ago

20 'GOAL Willem II! 0-1

Willem II also continues the good line of the Eredivisie in the KNVB Cup and leads against sc Heerenveen. Pavlidis benefits from moderate intervention in the Frisian defense.

KNVB cup · 9 minutes ago

18 'GOAL Ajax! 1-0

There is then the lead for Ajax. De Jong scores the rebound after Marin hit the crossbar after a nice ball from Eiting.

KNVB cup · 10 minutes ago

15 'Ajax is still lacking in sharpness at the moment. Babel and Traoré miss the chance to score because they take the ball wrong. It squeaks and now it creaks in the back at Spakenburg.

KNVB cup · 15 minutes ago

10 'Spakenburg doesn't just give in. The visitors stand well in the back and watch the counter with the fast Dekker.

KNVB cup · 21 minutes ago

5 'As expected, Ajax takes the initiative and is itself close to a goal a few times, but Babel is offside twice in a promising position.

KNVB cup · 25 minutes ago

2 'Spakenburg immediately boldly gets rid of itself and actually gets the first chance. Dekker is too fast for Tagliafico and shoots into the side net.

KNVB cup · 27 minutes ago

1 'The ball rolls at Ajax-Spakenburg and at SC Heerenveen-Willem II.

KNVB cup · 32 minutes ago

It is striking, but the Johan Cruijff ArenA is really sold out for a match of Ajax against an amateur club.

The atmosphere in the @cruijffarena is great! #ajaspa

Avatar Authors v SpakenburgMoment of places20: 39 - January 22, 2020

KNVB cup · 35 minutes ago

Spakenburg coach Meijers: "Van den Houten's father and mother live in Amsterdam just like him and they have brought his shoes to the ArenA, so it was quickly resolved. I don't know exactly what it is, but they are in every He has the right shoes on now, so I expect he will shoot one tonight. "

KNVB cup · 40 minutes ago

Ten Hag: "The players who come into action tonight have to prove themselves. There will be busy months with many matches in a short period of time, so we need everyone and this is for the players who come into action less often duels to I am curious about everyone, but the main thing is that the team develops further. "

KNVB cup · 43 minutes ago

The arrangement of Willem II. Captain Jordens Peters is missing for unclear reasons and is replaced in the back by Freek Heerkens, leaving a spot on the left for Miguel Nelom.

🆕 Görkem Saglam! #heeWIL

Avatar AuthorWillem IIMoment of places19: 15 - 22 January 2020

KNVB cup · one hour ago

The sc Heerenveen lineup. Sherel Floranus returns to the base after a suspension and pushes Lucas Woudenberg back to the bench.

📝 Setup # scHeerenveen🔙 Sherel Floranus returns to the base. #heewil #TOTOKNVBBeker

Avatar Authorsc HeerenveenMoment of places19: 22 - 22 January 2020

KNVB cup · one hour ago

Vitesse convincing to quarter finals KNVB cup
Vitesse is convincingly qualified for the quarterfinals of the KNVB Cup. The people from Arnhem easily win 0-2 when they visit Heracles Almelo. Vitesse is halfway 0-0 ahead by a goal from Oussama Tannane and after the break it reaches 0-2 thanks to a goal by Tim Matavz. The cup winner of 2017 will take on Ajax or Spakenburg in the quarter-finals at home.

KNVB cup · one hour ago

85 'Vitesse is not going to waste this anymore. The team also gives nothing away in the final phase and even hunts for the 0-3.

KNVB cup · one hour ago

The layout of Spakenburg. Van den Houten has received his football boots and so he is in the base.

And the setup of our blue main power! #ajaspa

Avatar Authors v Spakenburg Moment of places 19: 59 - 22 January 2020

KNVB cup · one hour ago

75 'Heracles seems to have resigned to elimination. The team creates virtually nothing and therefore makes no claim to the 1-2 and therefore an exciting final phase.

KNVB cup · one hour ago

Spakenburg is now calling in the help of its followers.

Does anyone have a pair of soccer shoes for @ThomasvdHouten to borrow? 😉 #dtv #ajaspa

Avatar Authors v Spakenburg Moment of places 19: 49 - 22 January 2020

KNVB cup · one hour ago

Matavz draws with a smart marker for the 0-2 of Vitesse against Heracles.

KNVB cup · one hour ago

65 'Heracles looks excited after the 0-2 and escapes the 0-3. Matavz heads a measured pass from Clark just wide.

KNVB cup · one hour ago

60 'GOAL Vitesse! 0-2

Heracles insisted for a moment, but it is Vitesse that doubles the score. Matavz finishes nicely after an excellent preparatory action by Tannane.

KNVB cup · 2 hours ago

50 'Heracles starts with two substitutions (Van der Water for Osman and Cijntje for Bijleveld) at least a lot brighter in the second half, but the wait is still for the first real big chance.

KNVB cup · 2 hours ago

Will always see you; you can play football against the big Ajax and you forget your football boots ... Fortunately Spakenburg defender Van den Houten lives in Amsterdam.

👟 | SV Spakenburg has arrived at the Johan Cruijff Arena and is ready for the confrontation with Ajax. At least ... "Thomas van den Houten has forgotten his football boots."

Avatar AuthorFOX SportsMoment of places19: 32 - January 22, 2020

KNVB cup · 2 hours ago

46 'The second half starts at Heracles-Vitesse. Hopefully the entertainment value goes up.

KNVB cup · 2 hours ago

The line-up of Ajax. Trainer Erik ten Hag gives Dest, Alvarez, Marin, de Jong, Eiting, Traoré and Babel, among others, a basic place.

Full Cup squaddddd! 🙅‍♂️ #ajaspa

Avatar AuthorAFC AjaxMoment of places19: 31 - 22 January 2020

KNVB cup · 2 hours ago

45 'Rest! Vitesse is halfway on a 0-1 lead against Heracles by a goal from Tannane. Everything has been said with that.

KNVB cup · 2 hours ago

40 'We are approaching peace and the level is falling to a dubious level. Heracles is not possible and Vitesse is not really necessary. There is therefore little to enjoy for both goals.

KNVB cup · 2 hours ago

The players of Spakenburg prepare themselves in the bus for the match of their lives against Ajax. Indeed, with a game of old-fashioned shuffleboarding.

The players of Spakenburg shuffle in the bus on their way to the Arena for the cup match against Ajax. #ajaspa

Avatar AuthorRTV UtrechtMoment of places19: 01 - 22 January 2020

KNVB cup · 2 hours ago

29 'There is finally Heracles for the first time in an attacking sense. Osman is allowed to lash out at the edge of the penalty area, but his attempt goes wide.

KNVB cup · 2 hours ago

25 'Vitesse has nothing to fear from a very tame Heracles for the time being. The visitors usually have the ball and go patiently and at a not too fast pace to look for the 0-2.

KNVB cup · 2 hours ago

The players of Vitesse celebrate the 0-1 against Heracles.

KNVB cup · 2 hours ago

16 'Oops, a disappointment for Vitesse. Tannane is lying on the ground and seems unable to continue. He grabbed his hamstring just before his goal. Dicko is warming up.

KNVB cup · 3 hours ago

11 'GOAL Vitesse! 0-1

Now it's a hit for Vitesse. Tannane sees his free kick just behind goalkeeper Brouwer, who certainly does not go free, disappear.

KNVB cup · 3 hours ago

6 'The first achievement of the competition comes from Vitesse. Tannane shoots into the side net from a great distance.

KNVB cup · 3 hours ago

1 'The ball rolls at Heracles-Vitesse!

KNVB cup · 3 hours ago

The Heracles and Vitesse players hit the pitch. The Erve Asito is still awfully empty, but the spectators who are outside have a few minutes to kick off.

KNVB cup · 3 hours ago

Heracles and Vitesse also faced each other four years ago in the KNVB Cup. Heracles then won 4-1 after a heated fight. Vitesse was still in the ninetieth minute on a 0-1 lead, but was unable to hold out with only eight men (no less than three players got red) and took the 1-1 in injury time, after which Heracles easily extended to 4- 1.

KNVB cup · 3 hours ago

Vitesse line-up. Patrick Vroegh is the replacement for Navarone Foor, who has no place in the game selection due to an injury.

The 1⃣1⃣ of Vites! Patrick Vroegh replaces the injured Navarone Foor, who is missing in the selection Come on, boys! 🔥 #Vitesse #hervit

Avatar AuthorVitesseMoment of places17: 36 - January 22, 2020

KNVB cup · 3 hours ago

The arrangement of Heracles Almelo. Jeff Hardeveld replaces Lennart Czyborra who left for Atalanta in the back left and Michael Brouwer is preferred to Janis Blaswich under the bar as usual in the cup, who is also missing in the competition selection due to his brand new fatherhood.

⚫️⚪️ XI➡️ Jeff Hardeveld is the back left➡️ Michael Brouwer keeps his cup in the cup as always vader Fresh father Janis Blaswich is missing in the #hervit selection

Avatar AuthorHeracles AlmeloMoment of places17: 31 - 22 January 2020

KNVB cup · 3 hours ago

Here at the Erve Asito Heracles Almelo-Vitesse starts a wonderful evening in the TOTO KNVB Cup tournament at 6.30 pm.

KNVB cup · 5 hours ago

Lammers can make a comeback against NAC
Sam Lammers can make his comeback at PSV on Thursday in the away match against NAC Breda in the eighth finals of the TOTO KNVB cup. The striker was included in the Eindhoven squad for the first time after six months of injury. At the start of this season, Lammers suffered a major knee injury in the duel with Ajax for the Johan Cruijff Scale and then had to be operated on.

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