A year after the plane in which the Argentine footballer Emiliano Sala sank in the Channel of La Mancha , the memory of the Argentine player remains alive in the FC Nantes and Cardiff City clubs, which will pay him tributes on the first anniversary of his death while, on the other hand, they settle in the Court of Sports Arbitration (TAS) their differences for the money of the transfer of the forward.

FC Nantes will unveil this Tuesday, coinciding with the date of his death, an albiceleste shirt dedicated to which he was his top scorer for three seasons .

The French team will wear that kit in their league match next Sunday against the Girondins de Bordeaux, precisely the club with which Sala made the jump to Europe. The money raised with the sale of that shirt will go to the Argentine clubs in which the player was formed.

"Emiliano was a talented, warm and human footballer . We all miss him," says the page of FC Nantes, who announces that during the warm-up of the teams there will be a canvas on the center circle of the field with the portrait of Sala. The video markers will display photographs and videos of their four seasons at the club.

The spectators will receive a magazine with different testimonies of ex-companions and ex-trainers and in the stands a giant typhoon will be displayed as a tribute to the player.

Emiliano Sala, who stood out at Nantes FC between 2015 and 2018, signed a contract with Cardiff City in January 2019 , after handling varied and succulent offers. The transfer cost his new club 17 million euros , a figure hitherto unknown in the Welsh team.

On January 21, Sala, 28, traveled from Cardiff to Nantes to say goodbye to those who had been his companions and that same night he began the trip back to the islands in a private plane, a Piper PA-46 Malibu piloted by David Ibbotson

The ship's trail was lost in the English Channel. The alarm was immediate, although the French and British rescue operations initially opened a door to hope by pointing to the possibility that the plane had landed or landed in an unknown location.

On January 30, the first remains of the plane were found on a Norman beach . On February 3 the ship was located at the bottom of the sea. And on the 7th a body was recovered that turned out to be that of Emiliano Sala . The pilot, 59, never appeared.

Not a week of mourning had passed when Nantes and Cardiff began to show their differences over the transfer of the deceased player . The Welsh club said it would pay the signing if it was "contractually bound." But if there was "any anomaly" it would defend its "interests," said President Mehmet Dalman.

Nantes claimed the first agreed payment and requested the support of FIFA, which opened an investigation on February 27. According to Cardiff City, the contract he had signed with the Argentine was not legally binding because the Premier League had not yet validated it.

On April 26 the tragedy added a new chapter with the death by heart attack of Sala's father, Horacio, in Progreso (Argentina).

On September 30, FIFA ruled that Cardiff should pay Nantes the 6 million euros corresponding to the first term of the forward's transfer. In his decision he took into account the "unique and specific circumstances of this tragic situation". The Welsh club was not satisfied and appealed to the TAS.

The final solution of the case will be delayed for several months , since the Arbitration Tribunal, announcing that it accepted the case, also specified that there would be no sentence before the month of June. At some point before that period you will hold a hearing with the parties involved.

The Cardiff aspires with his recourse not to pay any amount for a player who can no longer enjoy. But the courteous does not take away the brave: the club has encouraged its members and followers to meet on Tuesday and remind Sala about the statue of Fred Keenor , in the vicinity of his stadium, to remind him on the first anniversary of his death .

In the cathedral of St David there will be a religious service in memory of Sala and Ibbotson, to which members of the club will attend.

Meanwhile, coinciding with the anniversary, the book "The Murder of Emiliano Sala" has been published in the United Kingdom, written by journalist Harry Harris, which extends a shadow of suspicion about the role of Nantes in the fatal accident. According to the author, the courts will soon decide whether there is a basis to support these doubts.

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