A colorful show and an abundance of abandoned washers

This weekend has become a real feast for Russian hockey fans, because in Moscow the KHL Stars match was held. On Saturday, VTB Arena hosted the day of competitions, and on Sunday - the games themselves. As in recent years, the teams of four divisions played among themselves a victory in the playoffs. At the same time, the meetings were held in the “three by three” format and took only two periods of ten minutes.

And preceded by a colorful show, in which the theme of time was played out. Gathered in the stands witnessed the appearance of exciting 3d-projections. Literally the whole arena was involved in the performance: a platform, a ceiling, a video cube. The total area of ​​media surfaces was more than 21 kilometers, and the installation of equipment took 140 hours.

After that, the games began directly. In the first semi-final, the divisions of Bobrov and Chernyshev came together. As usual in such events, the teams showed a bright attacking hockey and tried to please the spectators to the maximum. As a result, in 20 gaming minutes, the rivals scored 11 goals for two, and the main character was 19-year-old German Shaporev, representing Altai from the MHL. The young striker scored a hat-trick and led his team to the finals.

In the second semifinal, the divisions of Tarasov and Kharlamov met. The last team could be called a favorite, because on the eve she won almost all contests and got the right to choose an opponent. But this ward of Dmitry Kvartalnov did not help. Moreover, the match developed according to a completely unpredictable scenario. After the first four minutes, the Tarasov division led - 4: 1, but then managed to miss five goals in a row. However, the team did not give up and finished off the opponent - 8: 6.

The author of one of the goals was Dynamo Minsk striker Vyacheslav Gretsky. Moreover, his goal was more than curious. The fact is that the goalkeeper of the Kharlamov division Yakub Kovarzh went to face-off in the opponent's zone. He did not manage to win it, after which Yegor Anisimov made a transfer to Gretsky, and he sent a shell to an empty target. And after the game, there were some jokes on the topic of the harmony of the name of the hockey player with the name of the legendary Wayne Gretzky.

“The emotions are unbelievable, the atmosphere in the arena is super. It is great to be part of this show. Whatever team you enter, stars are everywhere. I just get high. Managed to make a comeback, well done! He scored the puck, yes. She came to me, I threw and scored. The gate is bewitched. Does Alexander Ovechkin catch up with me on the list of the best NHL snipers? Well, yes, you have to push. Press, ”- quotes the words of Gretzky“ Championship ”.

Jakub Kovar 🇨🇿 gotta work on this 'face-off' thing. # KHLAllStarpic.twitter.com / 2qDHFOlskQ

- KHL (@khl_eng) January 19, 2020

Gift for Hartley and the shootout series

Another oddity was not enough in the match for third place between the divisions of Chernyshev and Kharlamov. Right during the game, a place in the goal of “Chernyshevtsy” unexpectedly decided to take forward “Salavat Yulaev” Linus Umark. Juha Metsola went on the attack and soon made a gross mistake on a throw-in in the center of the court, which led to a goal.

But Umark in a non-native position looked more than confident. In particular, in one of the episodes, he showed miracles of reaction and saved the team after a point-blank throw.

Linus @Limpanomark 🇸🇪 makes huge save! # KHLAllStarpic.twitter.com / wnPdTJSXmW

- KHL (@khl_eng) January 19, 2020

Opponents still managed to print the Swede, but the puck was counted only after watching the replay.

Var decision
GOAL # KHLAllStarpic.twitter.com / JOLVhnTbSd

- KHL (@khl_eng) January 19, 2020

“The idea to play on the goalkeeper position appeared yesterday after the master show. We thought, and decided to do it. This is not my first experience as a goalkeeper, two years ago we played in Ufa in the open air with children. Linus Ulmark is not my brother, but I definitely have a talent. It was also difficult because I was wearing field player skates. Metsola's skates are too small for me. Metsola-Umark in the playoffs? We will definitely think about it, ”said Umark.

The partners were satisfied with the game of Linus, in particular, the second goalkeeper of the team Igor Bobkov.

“Umark was very impressed. So much the man's eyes burned, how much he wanted to stand in the goal. It was evident how talented he was. He played very well, I liked it. I don’t like going out into the field, this is not my topic. He played in childhood, of course, but it didn’t really work out, ”the goalkeeper emphasized.

The victory in the end went to the Chernyshev division. The main time of the match ended in a draw. Opponents scored eight goals. But in a series of shootouts, the team of Bob Hartley turned out to be stronger. By the way, the Canadian specialist himself after the match received a club from Vladislav Tretyak as a gift from Vyacheslav Kozlov.

Vyacheslav Kozlov brought Bob Hartley a club of Vladislav Tretyak of the 70s from Canada. And today Tretiak signed it for Bob! Hockey brings together 🙌🏻 pic.twitter.com/S9ae2oK4mh

- HC Vanguard (@hcavangardomsk) January 19, 2020

Exciting finale and shields of Sorokin

Well, in the final, the divisions of Bobrov and Tarasov met. And the match turned out to match his status. Tarasov's division began actively and quickly scored two goals. Goals were marked by Charles Jinovei and Sergey Shmelev. Soon, Juuso Hietanen reduced the backlog, but Stefan da Costa immediately reinstated the handicap.

However, Bobrov’s division showed character and even distinguished himself three times before the break, and immediately after scored another puck. Including managed to excel already mentioned Shaporev. But the opponent did not want to give up. The team was returned to the game by the goal of the most experienced Alexander Semin, and she responded to the puck by Mikko Lehtanen with accurate throws of the double that scored the double and Costa and Kirill Kaprizov.

As a result, the fate of the trophy was determined in a series of shootouts. Ivan Bocharov made three saves at once, and Lehtonen made a decisive throw. Visch Bocharova Ilya Sorokin twice saved the team and was noted for unusual shields. They were painted by patients of the cardiology department of the Research Institute of Pediatric Pediatrics.

“The children helped me make this beauty - my shields were decorated. Now we will put them up for auction, and all proceeds will go to the treatment of goalkeeper Vilen Prokofiev. I take this opportunity to say hello to Vilen! And I want to say: Vilen, you must be strong, hold on, we all worry about you! In general, there is a great atmosphere at the All-Star Game, I only enjoy participating in this event, as I hope the fans, ”the official site of the KHL cites Sorokin.

And Bobrov’s division for the first time won the KHL All-Star Game. In 2017, the trophy was won by the Chernyshev division, in 2018 - by the Tarasov division, and in 2019 - again by the Chernyshev division.

“Everything's great. First, you need to thank the fans who filled the stands to failure. Secondly, the organizers: everything was done at the highest level, and I think the guys were pleased to play, and the audience was interested to watch. The weekend was a success! The final was interesting. Veli counted, recouped, as a result, the shootouts decided everything. But Dynamo could not lose! We just have five Dynamo players, including one from Riga, ”said Alexei Kudashov, head coach of the team.