Charlotte Kalla's club is now Piteå Elit. Daniel Fåhraeus is a board member there, and has previously been chairman of the club.

One who competes for the club is national team star Charlotte Kalla, who, just like the general public today, found out that Fåhraeus will become the new length manager in the Swedish ski association.

- I was really pleased when I came in from the training session and saw that we received an email from Ola (Strömberg's associate director) that Daniel should be the new head of length. It feels great if I look at what I got to experience in the club Piteå Elit and I really think he will do this crazy, says Kalla to SVT Sport.

What about leadership is what you like?

- He has a great drive and commitment and that means almost everything. Then he always sees opportunities and is good at being clear about what applies.

What do you feel he can add?

- Energy and structure, which I believe is very important for building in the long term. It is really a gold mine that skiing Sweden now has with many motivated languages ​​that may need guidance on how to channel energy.

- He has been a big boost in my venture.