Paulo Sousa, coach of the Girondins de Bordeaux. - NICOLAS TUCAT / AFP

It was short but intense. One minute and three seconds precisely. It is the time spent by Paulo Sousa this Thursday evening in a press conference after the elimination of the Girondins against Pau FC (3-2) in the 16th finals of the Coupe de France. The Portuguese coach, touched as rarely by this new setback for his team, answered only one single question: What is your feeling after this defeat.

And as usual, he responded frankly without tongue in cheek as the Bordeaux club is going through a new sports crisis (six defeats in the last seven games):

I feel shame. We have a huge debt to our supporters with this defeat. We must each of us, me first but also the staff, the players, the leaders, give even more and be well focused in this complicated moment to get out of it. "

"We trust Paulo Sousa"

It is therefore impossible to ask him a question about his personal future. In the very short term, the Portuguese does not seem to threaten to believe its president Frédéric Longuépée: “This is a new alert. You have to pull yourself together very quickly. I'm going to see Eduardo Macia [the football manager] and the staff quickly. Paulo Sousa is our coach, we trust him. The next two games against Nantes and Marseille promise to be crucial for the Girondins but especially for his Portuguese coach.

"It's going to be remembered", the feat of Pau FC against the Girondins via @ 20minutesSport

- 20 Minutes Sport (@ 20minutesSport) January 17, 2020


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