A judge in Brazil decided on Thursday that the Olympic Park in Rio de Janeiro should be closed for safety reasons.

The judgment of the federal judge states that all events at the park are prohibited until the fire brigade has established that the area is safe.

"Due to a lack of attention from the local government, the park has been damaged more and more, which increases the chance of a disaster," the judge wrote.

In the Olympic Park are the swimming stadium, the cycling track, tennis courts and the stadiums for fencing, handball and basketball.

A fire in 2017 destroyed part of the roof of the cycling track. (Photo: Reuters)

Government appeals

Since the 2016 Summer Games, not much has happened at the Olympic Park in western Rio. Since 2017, the Rock in Rio music festival has been held every two years.

It was intended that an Olympic training center would be established in the area, but that has not yet happened. On images you can see that different paths have been completely overgrown by weeds.

The government says in a statement against Reuters news agency that it already has safety certificates until March 2020 and is appealing the judge's verdict.