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Victor breaks his silence: "I was fired for WhatsApp and they didn't ask me anything"


Víctor Sánchez del Amo, a former coach of Málaga, explained that the Malaga club director fired him "for WhatsApp" after a video of sexual content of the e

Víctor Sánchez del Amo, a former Málaga coach, explained that the Malaga club's director fired him "for WhatsApp", after a video of the coach's sexual content was made public, without asking him "how he was, or what had happened", adding that leaves the club "proud of the work done and with a clear conscience."

"On Tuesday, via WhatsApp, the director general sends me a letter for the video and for the declarations prior to the Oviedo game. And they deny me entering La Rosaleda and communicating with my own staff. They don't even ask me what my mood is , with what he suffered ", explained the former footballer at a press conference.

The former player was dismissed by Málaga for "disciplinary reasons", after a video of sexual content was made public, which according to the club generated "serious damage" to the entity, as published in a statement. Consequently, the technician related what happened and his dismissal "unworthy", defending that "nobody asked him how he was, or what had happened." "They tell me about my dismissal, referring to two reasons. I am a victim and nobody has asked me anything. There was a lack of enormous empathy on the part of the club leaders. Not a question, or how are you, or how is your family?" he reiterated.

"In the dismissal letter they refer to my press conference prior to Oviedo . With respect to the press conference, it had the repercussion that you wanted to give it and I think it was within the communicative framework that I usually have. Respecting my coach functions, looking for the maximum performance of the team, communicating my opinions and exercising my responsibility, "he defended.

"I wanted to continue training the team"

According to Madrid, he communicated his desire to "continue" as coach of Malaga, since he considered that he had not done "anything" and wanted to "continue preparing the team." "I wanted to continue with my players. The response of the club was the immediate letter on Twitter. As you can see, it is difficult for the head to be in place with this situation. I have tried to describe what I have lived," he said.

In addition, Sanchez of the Master clarified that has put the issue "in the hands of the police and the legal team" and would not comment on the extortion suffered for him and his family, although he praised as a "huge lack of respect The intimacy". "I can't give you information about how the extortion was, because you have to respect my privacy," he explained.

"I understand your work, but I can not say anything. Valuations about the intentions of what has happened I can not do, this opens a scenario that is already the field of lawyers. I do not want to go back into details on the matter. We are following instructions on the police. First, for the respect for privacy and second, for the possible difficulties that we can cause in the investigation. I trust that these investigations will give results, "he said.

The former footballer made it clear that these were his "first statements" after the club's dismissal statement, since he has been "overwhelmed" and also, he was not allowed to "say anything" about what happened. "It makes me very angry not to be able to answer the messages when they care about me. I am receiving a lot of support," he said.

"A person I considered supportive shared a message that I had answered as if they were my statements. I want to make it clear that I have not made any statement. It hurt me a lot to see that publication, because I had not consented," he explained.

Positive feeling and clear conscience

On the other hand, the former Málaga coach said he left with "a positive feeling" regarding the sporting aspect of the team, since, despite the "economic difficulties" of the club, they have been able to end up with "good results." "The coaches when they finish in a club is usually with a very bitter feeling because it usually goes with a negative sporting result. But we do not leave with a bitter feeling in sports, the other way around," he said.

"This coaching staff feels tremendously proud from the first day until the last we have been with the team. Everything we have done has been with the intention of putting the team in the best possible situation, leaving the team in a good situation. "The team is well in competition. There are the Málaga data in this first round, so you can make your assessments," he added.

In this regard, he stressed that his coaching staff leaves with a "very nice memory", after a "beautiful farewell." "You can not imagine what we cry. The feeling we have of this hobby or I tell you, is inexplicable," he said. "When we arrived we found a group of players with a complicated situation, the team had just come down, there was discontent in the fans, that affected the locker room and the radical change that we had with our arrival I value it. That was a basis of our decision to continue, the fans, to have a team committed to your work and a united fans. We are very sad to separate ourselves from this. But we do it with a clear conscience, "he said.

In addition, he highlighted his "full confidence" in Malaga and in "his players", explaining that he does not want "this situation to distract the team". "I want to take this opportunity to comment that within that intimacy to which this whole situation obeys, I have asked the players that any type of demonstration towards me be in the private sphere," he said.

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