The Confederation of African Football (CAF) today, Wednesday, relocated the Nations Cup in 2021 in Cameroon to winter instead of summer due to climatic conditions, in a move that is feared to once again provoke clubs, especially European ones, which was a main reason for changing their date.

The tournament was the most important national team for the continent, usually held in January and February due to the hot climatic conditions witnessed by most countries of the continent in the summer. But the Confederation (CAF) approved in July 2017, the number of participating teams increased from 16 to 24, and moved its date to summer instead of winter, to suit the end of the season in the European continent, after resenting a number of clubs that were finding themselves forced to dispense with players Essential in the midst of important benefits.

And after Egypt hosted the last version in June and July last, the African Union and the host Cameroon agreed on Wednesday to transfer the date of the next version to January and February, during a meeting held by the two parties in the Cameroonian capital Yaounde.

The Cameroonian Federation said through his account on Twitter that the next version of the tournament "will be held in Cameroon between January 9 and the sixth of February 2021," noting that the reasons for moving its date from summer to winter are linked to "climatic conditions and at the request of Cameroon."

For his part, Kef confirmed that the main point that was discussed in the meeting was "a review of the championship date at the request of the Cameroonian side."

He added in a statement, "In the face of inappropriate weather conditions during the previously specified period (in the summer), the Cameroonian Federation wanted to reconsider (the appointment). After listening to the different points of view, especially from meteorological officials in Cameroon, and representatives of coaches and players, it was done Positive approval of the request to transfer the appointment