The new swimming league was introduced last fall and was decided between October-December, where Sjöström's team won the big final in Las Vegas, just before Christmas.

Sjöström, who chose not to participate in Finas (the International Swimming Association) own "champion tour" this year, took part in winning the team competition and also won the prize as most valuable swimmers left Vegas with SEK 730,000 in prize money. Sjöström won her first championship gold as a 14-year-old, but she sees the investment in ISL for a long time.

- I now know with the new international swimming league that has come up that I have many years ahead of me in swimming.

You haven't tired?

- I definitely haven't tired. I think it's much more fun now than when I trained for the London Olympics, for example. I have extremely fun now, on the workouts and all the trips you get to do, all the competitions and all the friends you meet in the swimming.

Together with his new team, Sjöström is currently in South Africa for a training camp, where SVT is and hits the world star.

- There are people from several different nationalities and we have extremely fun together, even during really tough workouts. I really enjoy it, it's like a party every time.

CLIP: Sjöström on the new dietary decision: "Personal records at the gym all the time"

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Sjöström has become a vegetarian: "Personal records at the gym all the time"