In anticipation of the tenth stage of the Dakar rally marathon, the crew of the KamAZ-master team under the leadership of Andrey Karginov confidently led the overall standings and had in their assets victories in four special stages in a row. But this time he was not able to gain the upper hand and further strengthen his position in the general classification. The athlete showed the fifth time, losing 2 minutes 27 seconds to the triumph.

The best when moving from Harad to Shubayta was the crew of Anton Shibalov. A day earlier, he unsuccessfully performed and became only the eighth, but was able to quickly rehabilitate himself and win a second time at a special stage at the current rally marathon. The second to finish was another domestic racer - Dmitry Sotnikov, and the third was the five-time winner of the Dakar Eduard Nikolaev, whose results are no longer taken into account in the general classification.

In the overall standings Karginov confidently leads, and only Shibalov continues to impose competition on him. At the moment, Anton remains the only racer inferior to the leader in less than an hour (36 minutes 8 seconds). MAZ representative Sergey Vyazovich (+ 1: 40: 0) takes third place, followed by Praga pilot Ales Loprais (+2: 21: 18) and Sotnikov (+2: 48.10).

It is noteworthy that initially the athletes had to travel 534 kilometers, but the organizers had to complete the route ahead of schedule due to difficult weather conditions. As noted in the press service of the competition, a strong wind prevented the take-off of helicopters, whose presence is a prerequisite for the race.

Thus, the results of the stage were formed based on the results of 223 kilometers. And this despite the fact that some pilots have already managed to cover a significantly larger part of the distance before they learned about the termination of the race.


The anniversary special stage was immediately remembered by several accidents. So, already at the first kilometer of the distance, the Autolife crew with Roman Starikovich and Bert Heskes accelerated too much before the descent, which made a powerful jump. The landing turned out to be very tough, but if the car itself survived, then the riders received serious injuries and were evacuated by helicopter.

For Fernando Alonso, the trip from Harad to Shubayta was not the best way. The two-time winner of Formula 1 was also unable to successfully pass the descent, which led to serious problems. The car rolled over several times, which cost him a punctured wheel and a broken windshield. Toyota racer was able to continue the performance, but behind the leader by 1 hour 17 minutes 33 seconds.

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The best again was the leader of the overall standings Carlos Sainz. The legendary athlete overcame this special stage in 2 hours 3 minutes 43 seconds, more than three minutes ahead of his MINI partner Jakub Pshigonski. The third finished Geniel de Villiers on Toyota (+4: 26).

At the same time, the closest pursuers of Sainz were quite unsuccessful in the next segment and allowed the Spaniard to noticeably come off. So, Nasser Saleh Al-Attiyah (Toyota) showed only the 17th time and allowed the handicap to increase to 18 minutes 10 seconds, and MINI Stefan Peteransel came to the finish line tenth, thereby reducing the gap from the native of Qatar to 16 seconds.

Not a smooth start of the stage for @alo_oficial!

He dropped over 1h with an early crash and resumed driving without a windshield!

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Sergey Karjakin continues to fight for victory in the overall standings. The champion of 2017 in the standings of ATVs showed 12th time in the tenth stage, but managed to rise to second place in the overall standings. The lag of the Russian from Casey Curry increased to 46 minutes 40 seconds, despite the fact that the American himself went the distance imperfectly and became only the seventh. The first two lines were taken by his compatriots Mitchell Guthrie and Blade Hildebrand, and Spaniard Gerard Farres Guell finished third.

Before this special stage, the Russian was on the third line, and the competitor’s fiasco helped him rise above. Francisco Lopez Contardo lost to the winner 58 minutes and was able to show only 33rd time. In the overall standings, the Chilean lag behind Curry grew to 1 hour 14 minutes 58 seconds.

Motorcycles and ATVs

In the overall standings of motorcycles, an intense struggle for leadership continues. At the moment, the main contenders for the final victory remain Ricky Brabek, Pablo Quintanilla and Joan Borreda Bort. At the same time, the American has a rather significant advantage, ahead of his pursuers by more than 25 minutes.

It is noteworthy that Brabek cannot celebrate the victory, starting from the sixth stage, which ended in Riyadh. Since then, the athlete took fifth and fourth places, and this time he was second. He lost 1 minute 7 seconds to Bort, who managed to win the first special stage since 2019. The third was Kevin Benavides, and Quintanilla performed quite poorly. He was only seventh and behind the Spaniard by almost six minutes.

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As for ATVs, this stage was held under the sign of Kamil Vishnevsky. He showed the best time and won the first special stage in his career. The Polish pilot took part in four rally marathons, but so far has never risen above fifth place. The representative of the Orlen Team spent a little more than three hours to overcome the distance and was 48 seconds ahead of the nearest pursuer in the person of Czech Zdenek Tuma. The third was his compatriot Rafal Sonic (+ 3:42).

Nevertheless, in the overall classification, Ignacio Casale kept the first line. The Chilean was only 17th, but a huge backlog was enough to not let close any of the rivals. Only Simon Witse (+ 16:18) is inferior to him in less than an hour, while the fourth-coming Manuel Andujar loses for more than three hours.