26-year-old Coleman was third yesterday at 100 meters freestyle and four at 50 backs, today three branches of the program during an intense evening pass in China. All her races were within 30 minutes and started with 50 meters of free time, where her time 24.84 - 58 hundred parts over the best of her - gave her a fourth place. Xiang Liu, China, fastest at 24.04.

Just a few minutes later back in the water, Coleman grabbed a new pallet seat - third in 100 meters backstroke with the time of 1.01.23.

14 minutes after Coleman's third place on 100 backstroke she was in the water again and finished with a fourth place on 50m butterflystim, 27.70.

The "master tour" where four swimmers compete in each branch now goes on to Beijing with competitions on Saturday and Sunday.
Michelle Coleman removes the backstroke distances in Beijing and focuses on 50 and 100 free-swim and 50-meter butterfly strokes.

CLIP: Michelle Coleman joins canon race during SM (November 15, 2019)

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Michelle Coleman won the SM gold in Eskilstuna. Photo: Photo Agency