For Sweden to advance from the group stage, victory against Poland is a must, to be absolutely sure of advancement.

- The press will not only come from supporters and organizers, but the internal press will also be great, says Magnus Grahn.

In terms of defense, Sweden has started the European Championship well, and the goalkeeper game has also been good. But the assault game goes on crutches. The counter-game has so far been unsuccessful.

- It has been far too ineffective, and too little seizure. It is a poor ball tempo, and the options in the game choices are far too few, to reach broader positions. Since then, our edge players hold absolutely the highest world class, but we have not got the balls out anything on the edges.

"The performance makes me worried"

Grahn sees a risk that the handball European Championship will end for the Swedish player in the match against Poland.

- Had you asked me before the European Championships, not a chance. But considering how the game looked on Sunday, I'm worried. It is not obvious that we will beat Poland and move on. The performance against Slovenia on Sunday makes me worried.

"Large grown defense"

Magnus Grahn sees similarities in the game between Slovenia, and tonight's opponent Poland.

- Poland is a powerful big team, which plays a lot with gear. They use many players on the field to get into shooting mode. Like the Slovenes, they are big grown up in their defense.

- I think the Poles will play low just like the Slovenes. We will face a similar Polish defense game we had against Slovenia. Poland will have more outside power. It will suit us quite well. It will suit our goalkeepers, and our way of playing defense.

The Olympics explanation for slim performance

The favorite France has surprisingly departed from the tournament. And the big handball nation of Denmark is at risk. Just like Sweden.

- Several teams have outperformed this tournament. I think Hungary with a relatively untrained team. They have made a new venture, and stood for an impressive cross match yesterday.

- Portugal has historically been good on the youth and junior sides. They've been waiting for it, now they got it.

- The real reason, though, I think is that the biggest nations, when it is the Olympics year, have historically performed worse during the European Championships that year. The focus of the big stars is on the upcoming Olympics.