The Football Association Elections Committee held its first meeting today, at the Federation’s headquarters in Dubai, after its recent election by the General Assembly of the Football Association to oversee the elections of the Board of Directors of the Football Association for the new electoral cycle 2020-2024, during which the consultant Salem Bahian Al-Amri was appointed as Chairman of the Committee and Muhammad Rashid Al-Hafiti, Vice-Chairman of the Committee.

The President of the Election Commission, Salem Bahyan Al-Amri, thanked the General Assembly of the Football Association for its confidence and the selection of the members of the Committee, and adapting them to this task, wishing success to the commission in the coming period.

The General Secretary of the Football Association, Muhammad Abdullah Hazam Al-Dhaheri, during the meeting, reviewed the legal amendments adopted by the extraordinary general assembly at its last meeting on the basic system of the Football Association, the electoral list, and the new electoral system that was adopted by the system of the unified list instead of the individual candidacy system that was used in The previous one, in addition to the time periods specified in the articles of association regarding the upcoming elections.

The committee decided to set next Saturday as the date for its second meeting at the headquarters of the Football Association in Dubai.

The meeting was attended by members of the committee, Mohammed Rashid Al-Hafiti, Hamad Khamis Hamad, Abdul-Rahman Al-Amri and Abdul-Rahman Muhammad Al-Sharhan. The meeting was also attended by the Secretary-General of the Football Association Mohammed Abdullah Hazam Al-Dhaheri.

On the other hand, the Appeals Committee held the decisions of the Football Association Elections Committee, its first meeting today, Tuesday, in the presence of the members of the committee Maid Muhammad Juma Al-Marashda, Tariq Abdul Rahman Al Saleh, Salem Abdullah Sultan Al Hammadi, and the meeting witnessed the Secretary-General of the Football Association. During the meeting Maid was named Muhammad Juma Al-Marashda, Chairman of the Committee, and Tariq Abdul Rahman Al Saleh, Vice-Chairman

The meeting discussed the items on the agenda of the new system for the Football Association elections.