Winner of the competition of Tokaibayashi Chiba, who expects a gold medal in the Tokyo Para Swimming Competition January 13 17:23

A 200-metre individual who set a world record last year when Tokai Hayashida, who has decided to enter the Tokyo Paralympic Games swimming and intellectual disability class in August, has decided to enter the competition held in Chiba Prefecture. I won the medley.

Tokai Hayashi is a four-year-old athlete who was diagnosed with autism in a class with intellectual disability. He set a new world record of 2 minutes 8 seconds 16 in a 200-meter individual medley at the World Championships last September. Marked and won, and decided to enter the Tokyo Paralympics.

Tokai Hayashi participated in the first race in a tournament held in Narashino, Chiba on the 13th, and participated in a 200-meter individual medley.

Tokai Hayashi on the 13th lacked the vividness of his swim and his time was 2 minutes 13 seconds 57, which was short of his own world record, but he won by a large margin over the second-placed player.

In August, Tokaibayashi said, “I was able to swim with a good time, but I enjoyed swimming. For the Tokyo Paralympic Games, I want to make every race the best, regardless of the result.” He expressed his aspirations for the upcoming Tokyo Paralympic Games.

In addition, Cosmic Tomita, who is expected to win a medal at the Tokyo Paralympic Games in the visually impaired class, participated in the same race as players in the intellectual disability class, and won the silver medal at the world championship in the 400 meter freestyle and 100 I was checking the progress of the adjustment with the meter butterfly.

Tomita said, "In 2020, we have to do what we need to do every day. We want to be ready to stand on the starting platform with a smile in Tokyo."