Rugby Top League Today Opening January 12 4:42

The Rugby Top League kicks off on the 12th, and the attention of the players of the Japanese national team who progressed to the world's first best eight in the World Cup Japan tournament has attracted attention, and an important season for how to maintain the excitement will begin.

In the top league this season, 16 teams will play a brute force league match until May 9, competing for victory with points.

Each team includes 29 of the Japan National Teams who competed in the World Cup, as well as winning South African, powerful and New Zealand national teams.

Kobe Steel, which aims for the second consecutive victory, has four new national team members, including Ryohei Yamanaka and New Zealand's main player, Brody Letteric. Last year's second place, Suntory is home to five Japanese nationals including Nagaredai and Kotaro Matsushima. Aiming for a rebound from sixth place, Panasonic has six Japanese national team members, including Kenki Fukuoka, who played an active role as a wing, and a fierce battle for victory is expected.

Another important point is to maintain the so-called `` Niwaka fans '' in order to maintain the excitement of the World Cup.In this season, the rules of the venue will be used to provide explanations of the rules and a variety of productions will be prepared with reference to the World Cup That is.

On the 12th, eight games are scheduled at six locations nationwide, including the Chichibunomiya Rugby Field in Tokyo and the Hanazono Rugby Field in Higashiosaka City.

The Top League is targeting a record-high 600,000 spectators.