Prefectural Competition Nationwide Women's Ekiden Kyoto Gun Jan. 12 at 0:50

The New Year's Women's Ekiden, a rivalry of prefectural governments, will be held on the 12th in Kyoto, where runners from junior high school students to members of society will join each other in Kyoto.

National teams from 47 prefectures will participate in the tournament, and start and finish at Takebishi Stadium Kyoto in Kyoto City, and 9 runners will join the same distance as the marathon.

The competition for the championship is expected to be centered on local cities such as Kyoto, Hyogo, and Tokyo, and Kyoto, which has won the championship 16 times, has been a strong member of the business community, Wacoal, and a player from Ritsumeikan Uji High School, which has the highest class high school skills last year. We aim to win for the first time in three years with five members.

Hyogo, who aims to win for the first time in two years, has the strength of Nozomi Tanaka, who competed at 5,000 meters in last year's world championship, and Suma Gakuen, who played an active part in the National High School Ekiden last month.

In Tokyo, Hitomi Shintani, who participated in the 10,000 meter women at the London Olympics, will lead the team.

In addition, Honan Maeda, who has been decided to be the representative of the Tokyo Olympics marathon, will participate in the anchor from Osaka and will take part in the first race of the Olympic year.

The race starts at 0:30 pm, and NHK will broadcast live on TV and radio first, as well as select and view your favorite video on your PC or smartphone.