Akiyama joins Major League Reds to return to Japan.

Shogo Akiyama, who has decided to transfer to Red League in the Major League from professional baseball / Seibu, has finished a local enrollment interview, returned from the United States and said, `` I want to do my best to meet the expectations of fans who support me ”Said he was eager to be active in Xintiandi.

Akiyama returned to Haneda Airport on the night of the 9th after finishing a recruitment meeting held in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, the home of Reds.

Akiyama responded by saying, "I am relieved because I have completed the medical check successfully and have reached a contract. I feel like I'm finally here."

Looking back at the enrollment meeting, which received a enthusiastic welcome, including the appearance of Akiyama wearing a Reds uniform on a large monitor at the stadium, he replied, "A lot of people, both the team and the town, spoke to me. I think it's a really good team. "

He also received a message from his teammate Seibu, saying, `` I have dear feelings, but as long as I go out, I must leave solid results '' and then `` I can meet the expectations of fans who support me I want to do my best so that I can do my best in the new world. "

Akiyama will be conducting a voluntary training in Shizuoka Prefecture in the future, so he will return to the United States and start his career as a major leaguer in time for the camp starting in the middle of next month.