The position of the Egyptian player, Mohamed Salah, the star of the Liverpool team, from his failure to attend the Best African Award ceremony, caused great Arab and Egyptian discontent among the Egyptian fans, who have not yet known why the player did not attend the ceremony in his country, Egypt, to stand next to his Senegalese friend Sadio Mane. Who was a great candidate to win the title of best player on the continent, and this was confirmed by the absence of his Egyptian competitors Mohamed Salah, and the Algerian Riyad Mahrez, despite the presence of the Senegalese player with the players in the past three years, as he was a candidate with them and he did not win, but despite that he attended and was happy with the players.

Mohamed Salah has crowned the title of best player on the continent for the past two seasons, and before him Algerian star Riad Mehrez was crowned the Best Player award in 2016, and the three players nominated this season to win the award as well.

The pioneers of social media exchanged pictures and video of Mohamed Salah from last season's party when the Senegalese player Sadio Mani celebrated with him, and danced on the stage after the Egyptian player was crowned the title, and the comments that attacked the Egyptian player spread, especially as the ceremony is held in Egypt and this is considered a tourist promotion for the state.

The Egyptian player did not show any reason for not attending, who certainly agreed with his friend Sadio Mane, as they were in one team, but the absence of justification exacerbated the attack on the player.