It was arranged for Saturday party in Leksand. But in a crowded Tegera Arena, Skellefteå's goalkeeper Gustaf Lindvall nailed his goal cage again and kept zero. And for the second straight game, Leksand failed to score.

- Of course I'm damned damned. We have to get the pucks in, as simple as that, Leksandsbacken Johan Fransson tells C More.

- Sometimes we make a really good match. We press and have a lot of chances.

Gave the puck away

Skellefteå made a tactically good away game and after a scoreless first period Tom Pyatt Leksand's goalkeeper Janne Juvonen overcame others, and despite a series of sharp Leksands chances, the home team did not succeed Gustaf Lindvall.
Instead, the visitors took care of themselves when the experienced slopes Johan Fransson gave away the puck in their own zone and Oscar Möller sent in 2-0 eight minutes into the third.

- The 2-0 goal I can take on, Fransson tells C More.

A strike meeting awaits

In the last four minutes, Leksand got the chance in numerical superiority. The team tried to take out the goalkeeper, but then Skellefteå decided in empty cage.

By victory, Leksand had crossed the qualifying line and passed Linköping. Now the Dalala team has two points up to safe ground. And on Thursday, Leksand will receive Linköping on home corn.

Skellefteå, for its part, strengthens its seventh place in the table and now has only two sticks to the last playoff spot.