Angels Otani After rehabilitation in the US

Last year, Shohei Otani of the Major League Baseball Angels, who was aiming to return as a pitcher after undergoing a right elbow surgery, found out after rehabilitation in the United States. Since rehabilitation has progressed smoothly, the plan for the next season's climbing will be concrete.

Otani played an active role in the throwing two-sword style last season and won the rookie king, but since he had an operation on the right elbow last October, he participated only in the batter this season and continued rehabilitation as a pitcher. It was.

In September, however, rehabilitation was suspended due to surgery on the left knee. However, throwing in the bullpen was resumed from the 2nd of this month. Sitting the catcher at about the pace, and throwing the ball in earnest.

As for the rehabilitation in the United States, Angels team leaders explained that “It will be finished around Christmas”, but Otani has so far thrown with 80% power in bullpen, and by the 15th of this month the United States I learned through interviews with related parties that I had finished rehabilitation in Japan.

After the rehabilitation of Otani is over, the team managers will decide when to return as a pitcher and how to use the two-sword style.

Otani will begin full-scale training next month and prepare for the February camp.