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The Royal Spanish Football Federation has published the arbitration record of the meeting of the 20th day of the Smartbank League between Rayo Vallecano and Albacete , which ended up suspended after the cries of the local fans to visiting player Roman Zozulia.

The colleague of the meeting, José Antonio López Toca , of the Cantabrian committee, writes in the document that "in the 38:53 minute of the match I observed the presence of a large banner with the slogan" AVOID THAT A NAZI SEE THE FRONT ", in the background of access to changing rooms where fans of the local club are found "and reflects that from their position in the field the following songs were heard:" He who does not dance is a fascist "," he who does not dance is Roman Zozulia ", which is why he decided to stop the meeting, order the withdrawal of the banner and ask that the songs cease.

The banner was withdrawn and the game resumed again, but in a few minutes the songs returned, which the referee reflects again in the minutes: " Roman Zozulia, a fucking Nazi ." López Toca explains that he told the delegate to warn again by public address of the possible suspension of the meeting.

Already at the break, the referee met with the Stadium Security Coordinator and representatives of both clubs. At this meeting, the referee explains, " the Security Coordinator informed us that the security forces could not guarantee the safety of the participants in the meeting in the current situation."

At that time, López Toca asks for the eviction of that area of ​​the stadium, to which the Coordinator replies that "they did not have enough troops." At the same time, Albacete warned him that "the mood of the affected party and the rest of the players was not adequate to continue the game" while Rayo offered his collaboration to "find any alternative that would make it possible to continue the game" .

The referee acknowledges that he proposed to play the second half behind closed doors , but that option was ruled out, again, for not being able to guarantee safety in the match. "As a result of all the above, after exhausting all the possibilities of continuing the match, and taking into account the information of the Stadium Security Coordinator on the desirability of the definitive suspension of the match, since it could not guarantee security in the Even the necessary protection of the participants, I decide to suspend the meeting definitively, communicating it in this way to all those involved, who receive it in a favorable way, "explains López Toca.

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