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Snatch: "I won't train for many years, maybe I'll be a teacher again"


Jagoba Arrasate's career as a coach (Berriatua, Vizcaya, 1978) is one in a million. His first experience as a professional - not even as a player - was directed

Jagoba Arrasate's career as a coach (Berriatua, Vizcaya, 1978) is one in a million. His first professional experience - not even as a player - was leading the Royal Society in the Champions League with 35 years and after a season and a half he went down a couple of steps to lead the Numancia in Second for three. Finally he signed for Osasuna, which he ascended in his first season and which he now has tenth in the table, with 10 points above the descent and only three from Atlético, which he visits tonight in the Wanda. Shocking numbers for one of the Spanish football fashion technicians and for a person very dear to everyone who has worked with him. And that, in an industry as small as professional football, has more merit than any result.

Explain to me what the job of coach consists of. In the end it all comes down to getting the most out of a template to achieve goals. For that you have to know her well and then provide players with tools to be competitive. And for that we have to work many aspects so that a group, beyond the technical-tactical, is as complete as possible and believes in its possibilities. Should it be the most psychologist current coach that strategist? I think so. You have 25 individuals who have to behave within a collective so that the benefit is for the collective and not for the individual. And for that you have to make them see a lot of things. We are fortunate to be in a quarry team, with many people from home, which transmits to the one who arrives from outside what is Osasuna, its values ​​and where they have to go. There we have earned work, but in the end we have to be psychologists.That is not learned in the coaches school.Every time these kinds of things are taught more, but above all life, experience gives you. When we go to Tajonar in the morning and talk for five or ten minutes with the entire staff, there are 25 guys listening to you that measure you and know right away if they are nervous, pissed off, shitty, thick, bright ... We have to prepare to face that guy of situations and that happens in the first place to motivate and demand yourself to then be able to be a transmitter of that message. Do you fear the day when your message stops entering the locker room? We all have expiration and within professional football every time It happens before, that's why we have to motivate ourselves and not settle into a routine. What you said yesterday may not be worth today, we have to recycle, because the day may come that the message does not stop and the team stops working.Is it impossible to think in the long term about current football? Now we get bored of seeing the Same face all the time. It happens in football, but also in politics, for example. We are in focus much more than before and that makes the wear process accelerate. Before a coach's season was valued, now a call, an alignment, a press conference is valued ... We are continuously in focus and it is difficult to endure it for a long time. You started very young. Do you see yourself training until 60 or 65? No, no. This work brings great mental wear to you and your family. It is a very demanding world, you have to spend many hours, you are very exposed ... I am passionate and enjoy what I do, but doing so for many years is unfeasible. How long does it look, then? I don't know. I am a primary school teacher on leave. The teacher's life is from Monday to Friday, free weekend, two or three months of vacation that you can dedicate to the family ... This is the opposite. Will he return to school? Yes, it may be ... In the end It is also vocational and is another way of facing life, also to get the most out of a group, in this case the kids, outside the bubble of professional football. Do you enjoy training in Regional or First? same. I love training, I enjoyed training the team of my people the same as now. Now I have more pressure and impact, but those of us who have a vocation enjoy ourselves beyond the category. Football, their Real Sociedad and their Osasuna are very different. What is it? They have nothing to do with it. That Real was designed to play in a way that had been successful the previous year, so we bet on giving it continuity. My staff and I have an idea and a game model, of course, but you have to adapt to what you have. In Numancia there were more difficulties to sign players and we had to adapt to that circumstance. In Osasuna it was already different, we had more tools to carry out our idea. Now in Pamplona you are seeing the team that I really like. The anthem speaks of a "brave and fighter" Osasuna and I think we have those two things. Up to three weeks ago they chained 30 games without losing at El Sadar. How do you explain it? Over time we will value it, we have given normality to something that is extraordinary. The players have done things very well in an extraordinary atmosphere and communion with the fans. To have those numbers at home, you need that support from the stands. Do not be angry, but the support of the fans sounds topical. Topical nothing. Rivals tell you, before and especially after playing at El Sadar. A very different atmosphere is created, something that is very difficult to explain but that makes the Osasuna player feel stronger. It's a reality. What do you learn, from a distance, from Simeone? You just have to see how he caught Atlético and what he has achieved. That does not fall from the sky. He has endowed the team with feeling and for many years he has been the best team without having the best squad. That is the trainer's merit. Three points separate Atlético and Osasuna on the table. It is not normal.No, it is anecdotal, I do not think that at the end of the season it is so. Atletico remains the least thrashed in the category, which clashes a bit are the few goals in favor, but you see their matches and it is a team that generates. It lacks efficiency and when it is recovered it will rise like foam.

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