Ski Jump World Cup Japan Men's 3rd place December 15th 6:51

The Ski Jump Men's Group World Cup was held in Germany, and Japan's last player Ryogo Kobayashi moved up to 3rd place.

The World Cup, the second round of the season, was held on the 14th in Klingenthal, Germany, on a large hill with a 140-meter hill size. Four players from one team flew twice and competed for the total points.

In Japan, Koji Sato, who won the World Cup for the first time on the 7th of this month, the second was Daiki Ito, the third was Junshiro Kobayashi, the fourth was Ryogo Kobayashi, the younger brother, and so on. It was.

In Japan, Kobayashi Ryogo was the first time to reach the hill size, reaching 1 meter, showing a big jump of 139 meters and finishing third.

In the second round, Junshiro Kobayashi, who flew by the third person, did not increase his flight distance to 119 meters 50, and was the fourth fourth in a close fourth, but Ryo Kobayashi flew 135 meters 50 , With a total point of 911.0, overtakes Norway and finished third.

Japan is 6th in the first match on the 23rd of last month, and this is the first podium this season for the group.

The winner was a total of 968.7 in Poland and the second place was 943.7 in Austria.