Professional baseball, ORIX draft first place Miyagi pitchers et al. New member interview December 14 16:14

An interview with new professional baseball and ORIX players was held in Osaka City, and Miyagi Daiya pitched from Okinawa's Konan High School in the first draft, saying, “I want to be a pitcher that can keep each team cleanup” It was.

Orix newcomers joined the conference at a hotel in Kita-ku, Osaka, and 13 newcomers, including breeders, showed brand new uniforms to about 300 fans.

First, Tokufumi Nishimura encouraged, “I want you to have a strong feeling of winning the team without refraining, regardless of whether you are a senior or a junior.”

Subsequently, new players answered the questions one by one, and Miyagi, who joined the draft first place, said, “I have become a professional baseball player wearing a cool uniform. A pitcher that can suppress the cleanup of each team. "I want to be," he said.

Also, Ryota Muranishi, who joined the 3rd draft from Kinki University, is also expected to be an immediate combat force. “I want to appeal to the most straight and confident. I wanted to do my best to become an army. ”

Newcomers will start their own joint training from the beginning of the year and prepare for the spring camp starting in February next year.