On-site inspection of Olympic Organizing Committee and World Land Federation Marathon Course Sapporo December 14, 12:16

Of the Tokyo Olympic marathon courses held in Sapporo, the tournament organizing committee and international sporting organizations visited the site to decide about 20 km in the second half.

The Tokyo Olympic marathon held in Sapporo was approved by the IOC = International Olympic Committee's board of directors as “Odori Park”.

However, the course was agreed between the organizing committee and the international athletic group on land, World Land Federation, with 20 km in the city center as the first lap. I was supposed to.

The inspection started at 10:30 am on the 14th, and the Organizing Committee, World Land Federation and IOC executives confirmed Odori Park, the starting point, and looked around the road while moving.

The World Land Federation suggests that the remaining course will be 3 laps on the 7km course, but according to the officials in the road, there are two plans for the 7km course, both of which are narrow. There is a voice that it is not suitable because it has a great impact on the citizens' lives.

For this reason, a plan to make two laps of 10 km, the northern half of the 20 km course agreed as the first lap, has emerged.

The Organizing Committee and the World Land Federation are planning to decide on the course based on the results of the 14th inspection.