The youth coach of Al-Ahly, Argentinian Rodolfo Arobarina, confirmed that the victory of "Dubai Knights" over Al-Wasl by five goals against a goal in the quarter-finals of the Arab Gulf Cup, last week, will not affect the match between the two teams tomorrow in the Arab Gulf League, pointing out that the "emperor" will appear in the form of Different.

Araparina said yesterday at a press conference that Al Wasl made a good match in the eighth round of the league, and won against Fujairah, stating: “We know the opponent well, but the league matches are different in nature from how we play in cup matches, and the most important thing is that we must focus in all The matches, especially that we will play with Al-Wasl again after a small time difference, since playing in the quarter-finals of the Arab Gulf Cup ».

The Argentine coach praised the Al Wasl team, and said: "Al Wasl includes a group of good players, and the team won the last round, and is playing the game with high spirits, and there is no doubt that the meeting will not be easy for both teams."

Regarding Al-Wasl's desire to make up for its loss against Al-Ahly youth in the Cup, he said: “This is a football match, and you will not play with the slogan of life or death, and the two games we do not play in succession, as each team played a game in the league, and as I mentioned that Al-Wasl appeared well against Fujairah And I hope that the two teams will present a good match, especially with the presence of a group of distinguished players in each team, and these matches in general are controlled by some small details, and not to make mistakes ».

In response to a question about Al-Ahly youth that might top the ranking list, if he beat Al-Wasl, and the leader of Sharjah stumbled against victory, he said: «Having a difference of one point with Sharjah does not mean anything, and we should focus more in our matches, and not look at what Sharjah is achieving In his matches, there is no doubt that the results of other clubs may serve us, but the most important thing is that we win in the matches we play and serve ourselves. ”

The youth coach of Al-Ahly talked about the team’s absences, and said: “The players Mane Mohamed, Mohamed Sabeel and Majed Hassan in the hospitalization period, and we are following the situation that all the players have reached, and we have enough time to know the players who will play the match against Al Wasl.”

Araparina concluded his statements by talking about the occurrence of Al-Ahly youth in a group that includes the Saudi Al Hilal in the AFC Champions League. He said: “There is no doubt that Al Hilal is a great team, and it includes a group of good players, but I do not feel anxious, and we have more than a month before the start of the continental championship, and changes may occur Before the start of the tournament, and our focus now on local championships, which will be our way to start the group stage in the AFC Champions League well. ”

We know the competitor well, and the meeting will not be easy.