The Dutch handball players play on Friday in the semi-final of the World Cup in Japan against reigning Olympic champion Russia. The team of national coach Emmanuel Mayonnade can qualify for the second time in history for the final of the global tournament.

Good morning. My name is Anne van Eijk and I will keep you informed of the semi-final between the Netherlands and Russia.

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World Cup handball · a few seconds ago

13-13 With her fourth goal of the match, Van der Heijden ensures the equalizer.

World Cup handball · a few seconds ago

13-12 The lead of the Netherlands is quickly undone.

World Cup handball · 2 minutes ago

11-12 The Netherlands again ahead thanks to Debbie Bont.

World Cup handball · 3 minutes ago

11-11 Dulfer returns the score.

World Cup handball · 4 minutes ago

11-10 Polman fails to make the equalizer. She throws the ball at the ball.

World Cup handball · 7 minutes ago

10-10 Van der Heijden equalizes, after which Wester cleverly prevents Russia from taking the lead again immediately.

World Cup handball · 8 minutes ago

9-8 For the first time this race, the Russians are taking the lead.

World Cup handball · 9 minutes ago

8-8 It is the same again. Managarova throws the ball past Wester.

World Cup handball · 11 minutes ago

7-8 After some great saves, Tess Wester must now again allow a goal from the Russians. From 7 meters it is hit.

World Cup handball · 14 minutes ago

6-8 Fast pace in the Dutch attack. Angela Malestein finishes it.

Handball World Cup · 16 minutes ago

5-7 Polman is well on track. She already has three hits to her name.

World Cup handball · 17 minutes ago

4-6 Second goal of the match for Polman.

World Cup handball · 18 minutes ago

3-5 Abbingh intercepts the ball and can easily extend the lead.

Handball World Cup · 19 minutes ago

3-3 Russia is on the same level again.

World Cup handball · 20 minutes ago

1-3 Laura van der Heijden extends the lead in the Netherlands.

Handball World Cup · 22 minutes ago

1-2 A step ahead for the Netherlands! Lois Abbingh makes the second point.

Handball World Cup · 22 minutes ago

1-1 Polman throws in the first point for the Netherlands.

Handball World Cup · 24 minutes ago

The Netherlands and Russia have started the semi-final of the World Cup handball. Unlike the Netherlands, Russia is playing a stable tournament so far. The four-time world champion (2001, 2005, 2007 and 2009) was the only team to win all of its eight matches in the first and second group stages.

Handball World Cup · 31 minutes ago

Malestein happy with 'unexpected' semi-final place
"We now have a very different team, which is super young when compared to the other teams," says Angela Malestein. "Before the World Cup, we really had to wait and see how we were doing. Every semi-final is great, but if you don't expect it, you'll be even happier. We really fought for it."

World Cup handball · one hour ago

In 45 minutes the handball ladies will start the semi-final against Russia. Will the Netherlands reach the finals of the World Cup handball?

  • Yes
  • No

World Cup handball · 2 hours ago

Malestein sees opportunities against Russia for 'crazy World Cup'
"We certainly don't stand a chance against Russia, but everyone must be 100 percent with us," says Angela Malestein in conversation with NUsport. "Russia has very experienced players, who have already played many finals", analyzes the corner player of Orange. "They have a lot of top players in the selection and a large part also trains with each other almost every day. But this is a crazy World Cup, with many ups and downs. We have played eight games in less than two weeks, so it is also normal so that players are broken and cannot deliver the same quality as at the start of the tournament. "

World Cup handball · 2 hours ago

Abbingh: "We can make it very difficult for the Russians"
In two hours, Russia will be the opponent of the Netherlands in the semi-final of the World Cup handball. "Given the course of the World Cup, Russia is the favorite," Lois Abbingh tells the NOS . "But if we can generate the same energy as in our good competitions, we can make it very difficult for them." The top scorer of Orange is well acquainted with the game of the Russians. Abbingh plays since last year at the Russian top club Rostov-Don, the main supplier of the Russian national team. "The whole base of Russia is pretty much the same as at Rostov-Don, so I know a lot about all those girls," Abbingh says. "I train with them every day and I have seen them every day in the run-up to this tournament. And I also know the game from the coach. That's great and I was able to pass that on to the other girls. That gives confidence."

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