2023 Soccer Women's World Cup South Korea abandoned invitation North and South co-host difficult December 13 23:34

The Korean Football Association announced that it has abandoned the invitation for the Women's World Cup in 2023, which Japan aims to invite.

This was announced on the official homepage by the Korean Football Association.

According to this, the Korea Football Association will invite the Women's World Cup to be held in 2023 with a view to co-hosting with North Korea, such as by submitting a document regarding the invitation to the FIFA = International Football Federation in April. I have advanced.

However, it became difficult to co-host with North Korea due to the deterioration of North-South relations, and when the tournament was held in Korea alone, it was decided to abandon the invitation because the tournament management system conflicted with domestic laws.

In the 2023 Women's World Cup, the number of teams will be increased by 8 and 32 teams will participate, and Japan has also announced its intention to invite.