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[Report File] 'Sprinter' Son Heung-min, 'Storm storm' every 5 minutes


Son Heung-min is called Super Sonic again. It means 'supersonic', a famous game character. Tottenham has also produced a parody video of Super Sonic 2.0 as a Burnley goal.

Son Heung-min is called `` SUPER SONIC '' again. It means 'supersonic', a famous game character. Tottenham has also produced a parody video of Super Sonic 2.0 as a Burnley goal. Last season, Chelsea's 50m dribble scored the first goal, and this time the second, raising Son's speed.
(▶ 'Heung Heung-min Wonder Goal', which has created a global topic, even appeared in the game version)

Now, here's a stiff tackle!

"Son Heung-min is fast, but ... There are many players faster than Son Heung-min!"

Yes. Sohn's top speed in the Premier League this season was 34.17km / h in six rounds against Leicester City. This is the 73rd place in the league. There are so many fast players in the world.

First place was the central defender of the 'team of gusts' Leicester City, Chalar Sowingeum. It took 37.55 km / h. It's not as fast as a cat, but it's about twice as fast as a squirrel (19.31 km / h), but not as fast as Usain Bolt. Manchester City's Phil Forden (37.12 km / h) and Kyle Walker (36.94 km / h) follow.
Good tackle, painful point, but let's do 'decompression'.

"Football is a 90-minute game! It doesn't matter how much you run at full speed!"

Sohn is not the fastest player, but there is reason to be called the "best sprinter." The number of sprints and sprints. The UK football data analysis company OPTA uses 25.2 km / h as a sprint.

Son Heung Min is fifth in the league. I ran 225 with all my strength this season, over 16 storms in a game. Manchester United Danielle James leads 273 rounds until the 16th round.
If you calculate the frequency according to the time of the show, Son Heung-min is ranked third. He speeded up every 327 seconds and every five and a half minutes, but only James and Reese Muse (Sheffield) who sprinted more frequently than Son Heung-min.
● Mourinho system change… League top sprinter jumps in front of you

If it's the latest trend, you'll be able to beat the two leading players and become the real 'strongest sprinter'. Son Heung-min, who averaged 15 sprints in 10 games during Pochettino, increased this number to 22 times in the Mourinho system. 38% increase. In Burnie, in particular, he recorded 27 times in the season, running every three minutes.

This is because Mourinho prefers a quick counterattack rather than a gradual attack. Burnley had a counterattack. Fast Heung Min is the core of the 'Mourinho Style'. According to OPTA, Son Heung-min shot seven shots during the counter-attack this season, where more than half of the four have been in the last four games, Mourinho.
● Increased defense burden… The key is stamina!

The key is also stamina. You'll have to back down to defend deeper into the area, and your opponents move away. Heung-Min Son is also familiar with it.

"I'm not a very active player, but I'm a sprint player. It's up to me to stay healthy. It's my job to rest well, eat well, and get the best possible condition."

In fact, after he was appointed Mourinho, Son Heung-min's activity (9.65km-> 9.58km) decreased slightly. 6th place in the team. Of course, these differences do not prevent fatigue. The Tottenham Sports Science Team is helping scientifically recover Son Heung Min.

First is periodic training. Adjust the amount of activity. The next day of the game, I take a thorough rest, and after two days, I follow the routine of peaking at 2-3km, 3rd at 4km on the third day, and completely resting the next day.

With Tottenham already in the rankings, we can see why Son Heung-min was put in the last 20 minutes with the Champions League Munich. Instead of taking a break, they should run about two to three kilometers and keep fit on their next game schedule. Mourinho said, "It's better for Son Heung-Min to score a 3-2 instead of a 3-to-1. Munich is important for another reason."

Take time to eat and sleep. Son Heung Min deliberately takes a lot to recover muscles. I sleep over 10 hours a day. Excessive sleep is known to interfere with fatigue recovery, but if you spend a lot of time calorie waking up like Son Heung-min, you need more than eight hours of sleep.
(▶ [Files] Son Heung-min runs again to win the Asian Cup "No Tears")

Coach Lee Jae-hong, who was in charge of strength management for the national team during the Russia World Cup, emphasizes that Son Heung-min is not just injured because of his good health. The coach explained, "Heung Min is different from other athletes," he said. "The result of scientific management." "We need to be more careful because the number of sprints has increased," he added. If you avoid the injury on the rise right now, this season is likely to be the best season for Son Heung-min.

(Source: OPTA)

Source: sbskr

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