Tsutsuka Major League Transfer Negotiated to 3 teams Negotiations reveal December 12 15:52

The representative who is negotiating with the baseball team on the baseball team using the posting system from professional baseball DeNA, the negotiating with the baseball team, on the 11th, according to the coverage of the reporters, negotiating to the three baseball teams It was revealed that

The 27-year-old Tsutsuka player is a left batter representing Japan that has hit 205 home runs in total, and the deadline for transfer negotiations between Tsutsuka and the Major League Baseball team using the posting system is 19 days in local time, It is 7:00 am on the 20th of this month in Japan time.

Regarding the situation of the negotiations, Joel Wolf, acting as representative of Tsutsuka, was interviewed by the press on the 11th, after Tsutsuka entered California on the 6th of this month in preparation for negotiations, In addition to having interviews with executives, it was revealed that they actually played.

On top of that, “Now we are negotiating with three teams. Tsutsuka wants not to pay a lot of contract money, but to play and play many games, and Japanese batters play an active part in the major leagues. It is to prove that it can be done, "he clarified that the transfer negotiations are progressing.

Regarding the prospects for the transfer negotiations, Mr. Wolf expressed confidence in the contract between Tsutsuka and the Major League Baseball team, saying, “It is possible that the negotiations will be completed before the negotiation deadline.”

Meanwhile, Josh Purcell, an agent of pitcher Shun Yamaguchi who aims to enter the league in the same way from the giant, also revealed that multiple baseball teams showed interest and negotiated with Yamaguchi. I made it.
And, as pitcher Yamaguchi wants to be appointed as a starting pitcher, he told the prospects that it will be the time to proceed with negotiations with a specific team.