Mr. Ichiro to qualification training for student baseball guidance December 13 0:20

Ichiro, who has set a number of records in professional baseball and the major leagues, has retired in March, and understands that he will take the training of student baseball qualification necessary for teaching high school and college students starting on the 13th. It was.

The 46-year-old Ichiro, who retired in March, is now acting as a Mariners team special assistant and instructor, and was playing in a grass baseball game in Kobe on the 1st of this month. .

According to a player in the world of sphere, Ichiro learned that professional baseball players will take training in Tokyo for three days starting from the 13th to regain their student baseball qualifications.

This training is necessary for instruction in high school and university. Lectures prepared by professionals and amateurs, such as the history of the relationship between professionals and amateurs, how to prevent injury to high school students, and the positioning of club activities and safety measures. You will be asked to submit a quiz or report for 3 days.

After that, if approved by the Japan Student Baseball Association, you will be able to give guidance to high school and university students.

Normally, qualification recovery is not accepted until after leaving the professional baseball team, but NPB = Japan Baseball Organization and the Japan Student Baseball Association have made great achievements in the baseball world, such as those who entered the baseball hall and those who entered the hall of fame. For those who have agreed, it is agreed that qualification recovery will be allowed while belonging to the team, and Ichiro is expected to be eligible for qualification recovery while remaining in Mariners.

At the retirement conference in March, Ichiro said, “I don't know if I'm a small child, a junior high school student, a high school student, or a college student, but I'm interested in it.”