Ingela Andersson got off to a good start to the season. First she took second place in the Norwegian biathlon premiere and the 28-year-old followed it up with a win in Idre. There she was 14 seconds ahead of Elisabeth Högberg and in Norway she defeated the World Cup winner Dorothea Wierer. Ingela Andersson was rewarded for being selected in the VC premiere in Östersund. There she did not get it and this week she competes instead in the IBU Cup.

Did super sprints

In this week's first race in Italian Ridnaun-Val Ridanna, Ingela Andersson showed that she wants to return to the World Cup. In the super sprint she shot full and won 1.7 seconds ahead of Anastasiya Merkushyna from Ukraine. Anna Magnusson, who is back after the injury, finished four 11.3 seconds after the winner.

- It is always difficult with the high altitude for us and before the start I felt that my breathing and heart rate were a little heavier than normal. In addition, this discipline is more of a shooting competition, but today I felt very confident on the track, says Ingela Andersson to IBU.

The super sprint is one of the newest distances in biathlon and the competition form is divided into qualifiers and finals.