The Provincial Court of Burgos announced today a 38-year prison sentence to Víctor Rodríguez 'Viti' , Carlos Cuadrado 'Lucho ' and Raúl Calvo , the three former Arandina CF players , for sexual assault on a minor on November 24 of 2017 in his apartment in Aranda de Duero, and as cooperators of sexual assault in the crimes of the other two defendants. They are sentenced to 14 years for that first crime and 12 for each of the other two. In total, 38. This is the maximum penalty requested by the Prosecutor and the three defendants are expected to enter prison immediately.

The trial began on November 21, 2019 at the Provincial Court of Burgos, and for the request for penalties the accusations have been based on the jurisprudence created by the case of La Manada . The Prosecutor's Office had requested 40 years in prison for Calvo and 39 for Lucho and Viti for a crime against sexual freedom in each case, sexual assault in the case of Lucho and Viti and continued sexual assault in the case of Calvo. The private prosecution upped that request to 43 years and a half.

The Clara Campoamor Association, as a popular accusation, had increased that request to 43 and eight months and the request to approach the child during the next 52 years, adding to the crimes argued by the Treasury a cooperative crime necessary in a sexual assault , in each case.

The defense, meanwhile, had asked for absolution by ensuring that former Arandina players had not had sex with the child . And, later, in the case that they were found guilty, they did not know the age of the victim.

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