• Sentence: Arandina case players sentenced to 38 years in jail
  • Reactions. Those condemned in the Arandina case: "We are some pardillos who are trying to fuck our lives"

From November 24, 2017 to December 12, 2019 .

It has been more than two years since Víctor Rodríguez 'Viti', Carlos Cuadrado 'Lucho' and Raúl Calvo, players at that time of Arandina CF , were left with a minor of 15 years in his apartment of the number 9 of San Francisco street , in Aranda de Duero .

What happened that afternoon has ended in a chronology of events that began on December 11, 2017, when the mother of the child denounced the three players for sexual assault. Two days later, on the 13th, the Court of First Instance and Instruction 1 of Aranda de Duero dictated the entry into provisional prison , communicated and without bail for the three defendants. At that time, Arandina expelled them from the club.

The age of the child is the key to this case, since the Criminal Code considers sexual abuse even the consensual relations with children under 16 years. As stated in article 183: "he who will perform acts of a sexual nature with a child under 16 years of age, will be punished as responsible for sexual abuse of a child with the imprisonment of two to six years."

"Without falling into contradictions"

In the car for which the judge sent the three defendants to prison, she indicates that the minor ratified her complaint "without falling into contradictions" and that the players denied any type of abuse . According to the victim's version, he met one of the players, 'Lucho', through social networks and became friends with him, and that is why he went to his home that day. At first she was alone with him, and then her two companions appeared. At that time, according to her complaint, they undressed her, grabbed her hands and neck to maintain relations with them.

While the three players were in prison awaiting the start of the instruction, Aranda de Duero split . The family of the minor acknowledged receiving threats and demonstrations took place in the street for and against.

According to the investigations and the statements of the four, during the time they were at home there was also a fifth person , a partner of them, who was not involved in the events and denied any attempt of aggression.

35 minor calls

During the investigation of the case , DNA tests have been carried out , in which no genetic remains were found to confirm the reported facts, and the phones of those involved have been investigated . When studying the mobile of 'Lucho', for example, 35 calls of the minor were located before the alleged aggression, photographs of him and it was discovered that it was discontinued during the hour in which the aggression was supposed to have taken place.

On March 6 and 7, 2018, the three players were released on bail and everything was pending of the end of the process of instruction and prosecution for the trial, whose opening was announced on July 8, 2019.

The accusations , both the private individual and the Clara Campoamor Association, have maintained during all this time that there was sexual assault and that the defendants knew the age of the victim , something that would constitute a crime whether or not there was consent by the minor.

Jurisprudence of the Pack

The trial began on November 21, 2019 at the Provincial Court of Burgos, and for the request for penalties the accusations have been based on the jurisprudence created by the case of La Manada. The Prosecutor's Office had requested 40 years in prison for Calvo and 39 for 'Lucho' and 'Viti' for a crime against sexual freedom in each case, sexual assault in the case of 'Lucho' and 'Viti' and continued sexual assault in the Bald case. The private prosecution upped that request to 43 years and a half.

The Clara Campoamor Association, as a popular accusation, had increased that request to 43 and eight months and the request to approach the child during the next 52 years, adding to the crimes argued by the Prosecutor's Office a necessary cooperative crime in a sexual assault , in each case.

The defense , meanwhile, had asked for absolution by ensuring that former Arandina players had not had sex with the child . And, later, in the case that they were found guilty, they did not know the age of the child.

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