The Court of Instruction number 6 of Seville has admitted a complaint for misappropriation against the president of Cádiz, Manuel Vizcaíno. The legal action has been promoted by its partner and shareholder of the Quique Pina club, which accuses him of distracting funds from the society they share, Crazy for the Ball, and which currently has the majority of the entity's shares.

Pina's complaint recalls that the bylaws of the company "do not contemplate" at any time the remuneration of its administrator, "so that Vizcaino cannot be remunerated." Despite this, he argues that the president of the Cádiz club "has appropriated, used or disposed of money from the entity Crazy for the Ball". At the same time he accuses him of "falsifying the annual accounts of said company" as well as of "hiding" the operations from the rest of the partners.

During the year 2016, Pina, which is being investigated in parallel for money laundering by the National Court in the framework of the so-called 'Operation Libero', attributes, based on an expert report, the alleged distraction of 381,388.44 euros. It is, according to the report provided in the complaint, "a withdrawal of money from the box B of the company" and, at no time, about "fees or compensation" of the president.

"Income that does not exist"

The complaint emphasizes that the company Locos por el Bola "lacks any activity other than the mere holding of Cadiz shares" and, therefore, "is a company holding shares that does not generate any income beyond the purely financial ". Therefore, "it also does not suffer any necessary expenses to cause income that does not exist."

In such a way that "it is out of the question to imagine that the performance of the position of sole administrator of such a society justifies the perception of emoluments of any kind and even less in such a high amount." To this figure it adds 8,311 euros more than the total amount to 390,000 euros.

In parallel, he accuses Vizcaíno that, after receiving a loan from the Doyen Sports company for 1,025,000 euros to "satisfy urgent debts of Cádiz CF", he only handed over Cádiz CF "879,757 euros".

Accounting falsification

Therefore, the auditor argues that "has been diverted to people other than" the club "no less than the sum of 403,080 euros whose fate can not be established with certainty." Pina points out that he has asked Vizcaino for explanations, together with Doyen, about the referred money "without receiving any response".

Finally, in the complaint, prepared by the lawyer Alfonso Contreras, that some of the amounts allegedly distracted were included in the accounts as "non-existent or false remuneration" which, in his opinion, constitutes a crime of accounting falsification.

It should be remembered that another judge has already seized the actions of Cádiz by the judicial war between the two partners to avoid the "detrimonialization of the club".

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