In Montpellier last Saturday (3-1), the Brazilian star PSG alternated between the bad, with irritating behavior, and genius, with a goal and a decisive pass late in the game. Our consultants discuss the "case" Neymar in Europe 1 Sport.


Neymar in Montpellier, last Saturday in Ligue 1, it was a bit like the football remake of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Side face: an annoying behavior, between insults and provocations towards his opponents, and a long unworthy performance of his talent. Side face: a last fifteen minutes of genius, with a superb goal on free kick and a decisive pass for Kylian Mbappé.

In one match, the Brazilian star has revived the debate surrounding it for many months: is it more annoying than talented? Europe 1 Sport's consultants debated the Neymar "case" as PSG, already qualified for the knockout stages of the Champions League, face Galatasaray Istanbul on Wednesday night for a no-problem match.

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"French football is boring, Ligue 1 the hell out"

"He is more talented than annoying, but it's true that the character of Neymar is very frustrating, he could give so much more, he has an oversized ego," said Javier Prieto Santos, a So Foot journalist. "Neymar is also a company, it does not think like a football player, but as a start-up, even if in my opinion it is not very well advised.It has a huge talent that it pollutes It's not new, he was already doing it at 17 years old in Brazil, in Santos, he's become someone out of control at PSG, "he says.

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"It's run by his brazilian friends and advisers, but no one has any control over him, his Brazilian teammates, or the club, he's doing what he wants, he's a rotten kid spoiled, but he's like that because we gave it all, "the journalist continues. "There are times of stroke of genius, but he seems to be bored and have nothing to do, the French football the bored, the Ligue 1 the bastard. want to understand the French mentality, he does not want to learn French. "

"I'd like to see a lot more annoying players like Neymar in Ligue 1"

Nabil Djellit, if he shares the analysis on the "annoying" side of the character, would still like "even more players like Neymar in Ligue 1". "Of course he is annoying in some ways, but his game is that he suffered many more shots than other players." Sometimes he can get out of his hinges Against Montpellier, there was intensity, they him have teased the ankles, but personally, I would like to see many more annoying players like Neymar in Ligue 1. When he is on the ground we do not get bored, "says the journalist France Football .

"I think there is a cultural shift, Neymar had explained his vision of football, he liked to chamber," said Gregory Schneider, journalist at Liberation . "Neymar is something else, yes he is a room, but that's how he sees football, we have a bit of a tight side, a little bit tight, he is what he is, but we do not can not change it, "he says.